I mean, I’ve got loads of favourite products from France obviously, But these are my two most commonly purchased ones: the ones I stock up on every time we go (Which, because my husband is half-French, is about 7/8 times per year) along with wine (obvs) and Coffee.

I give you – the finest handsoap ever to don your sinks edge!

I line my own cupboards with these here bottles, and I give them to friends too. Nowadays, such is their popularity in my village, that I tend to have friends text me their orders and neighbours stop me in the street for their Le Petit Marseillais Hand soap fix before I go. I basically need to buy shares in the company …  (They ought to give me something. Perhaps an certificate of company honours for my sales abilities – because I’m telling you, I’m like a one woman Le Petit Marseillais Anglo sales machine here!)

Anyway, you know how lush Molton Brown hand soap is? Or L’Occitane hand soap? well, this stuff is just as luxurious of those chosen bottles (AKA the housewife’s’ favourite choice of status suds) but for a fraction of the price.

The L’Huile d’olive and L’huile Essentielle De Lavende being my favourites – They both smell utterly, utterly divine.

And the bottles look pretty and classy by your sink too :) … we like nice looking soap, don’t we ladies!

At only around 3 euros a bottle, you can afford to stock up. So, next time you are in France, be sure to run into the old Supermarché and hit the soap isle up – and like a true doomsday prepper: be sure to GO LARGE and buy loads!


Thank you for reading,

Anna x

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