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“The Zeitgeist (or the ‘spirit of the age’ or ‘spirit of the time’) is the intellectual or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time.”

Introducing Our Writers

Meet Anna. Zeity Matriach.


A Huffington Post Blogger and self-confessed fitness junkie (only in the past two years mind, before that she was lazy) Anna, 35. Lives in with her Husband, 4 children, dog and chickens in Kent. She enjoys writing anecdotal musings about family life. And, ever the fuss-pot, will gladly shout from the roof-tops about her favourite products, life tips and outfit ideas (that she probably stole from her trusty friends).

We know, we know – there is more to life than outfits, but she finds them fun and creative, so lets just humour her, shall we?

Next up, meet Spencer, aka @adadcalledspen – He is a Dad, and he blogs a bit. (Award winning blogging no-less!)


Featuring on ZmG is a regular dose of A MANS WORLD by @adadcalledspen – Giving us a superb and hilarious helping of male insight and opinion, @adadcalledspen tells it like it is.

And every Friday, we bring you –


A happy and cheery shot of Friday style inspiration for your pre-weekend perusal. Pulling together a different look or style each week, complete with a handy shopping guide and links to make shopping the look nice and easy for you.

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