1. Using an eyeliner brush and eye shadow or brow pomade (not a pencil!) apply soft ‘hair like’ strokes to define the underneath of your brow. Your aim when shading and defining the brow, is to softly imitate the shadow of existing hairs using small strokes of the brush – This is the secret to achieving a ‘believable brow’


softly softly, catchy monkey ….


2. Next, define your arch. Again, follow your own natural shape, filling-in where the hairs may be finer and lighter in colour.

I am always surprised at how effective this simple step is – its like unearthing an amazing, natural brow shape that you never noticed you had!

I give you, exhibit A –


Er, Hello …just check out that arch previously not visible!

 3. Even out your brow next. Filling in any gaps as you do one last check.

4. Brush through entire brow using a clean brow brush, again to soften the effect. Less is always more with brows. Trust me!


5. And finally, when selecting the colour to use for your eyebrows don’t just choose ‘brown’ : Our Make-up artist Ashley advises to always go one shade lighter than your natural colour, ensuring to select a ‘cool’ tone; not a warm one. Shadows are never warm in nature and so will therefore always be a dead giveaway and end up looking orangey.

And there you have it. Voila!


Beautiful, natural and defined brows to frame your eyes. And not a ghastly slug in sight!

Products used in this Post:

Coquette Eye Shadow by MAC


Other AMAZING eyebrow products that I definitely recommend to anyone who may be looking to invest in the eyebrow department are:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade  £15 (well worth buying – it will last you a lifetime)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Duo Brow Brush  £14

Maybelline Master Brow Mascara  £4.98

Our professional Make-up artist for the day was the fabulouss and very talented Ashley. You can follow her amazing work on Instagram – @ashleym_makeup

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Thank you for reading

Anna x