Happy Good Friday all! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend … But first…


The Mock Collar!

Have you got one?  If not, then flippin’ get one, they are a must for everyone’s wardrobe, and once purchased will be good for decades … DECADES I tell thee!


I got it last week from Cos in Brighton at £29 – they do a few different styles – The one I have here, a blue and white striped one, and one with scalloped edges.

Its not a real shirt obviously. Instead its much like a baby bib giving the illusion of one. It secures in place with adjustable straps and is very comfortable to wear without all the faffy layering you’d have with a full shirt.

I really like a nice crisp white strip of colour between your top and your face. It kind of freshens and brightens everything up a bit. Its a bit preppy; a bit smart. I LOVE IT!

(What’s with my new stupid head-tilt selfie style?)

Just imagine the tops and dresses you can upscale with this  – imagine the possibilities!

Worn here with my new favourite jumper from Sugarhill Boutique  (Er, a zebra wearing a flower crown? what’s not to love?) Its amazing online store (and shop in Brighton) that sells SO MANY super cute and trendy clothes at very affordable prices. A real favourite with the celebs too! You gotta check it out HERE.

And then obviously, I just had to pair this with my new favourite earrings (which you are probably all sick of seeing!) from The Outnet. With some heels, a matching splash of colour on the nails and lips. And bobs your favourite uncle: A nice and easy, comfortably smart day outfit.

What d’you think? Do you have a mock collar? do you want one? And do you like my zebra? – or actually, does it make me look like a nine year old?!

Do let me know what you think … And thank you so much for reading. See you next Friday :)

Anna x

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