One of the best, most revolutionary things I’ve learned from the book Playing Big by Tara Morh, is how to access my own inner mentor.

Last week I touched on how Tara says we need to dial down our inner critic. And once we have done that, we should start to dial up our inner mentor.

Firstly, discovering that I personally even had a mentor was was pretty cool, but being able to use “her” for ongoing stuff and direction is even better.

Does that sound bonkers to you? I’m sure it probably does, but seriously, it works.

The principle of these teachings is that we all have inner wisdom. I have it. You have it. We all have it. We just have to learn how to find it and then use it to our advantage.

How can we find all of that hidden wisdom?

Well, you have to do a little visualisation technique to find her/him.  I must add that I was so sceptical of doing this at first, really I was. But I would say it was one of the most amazingly useful and helpful things I have ever taken the time out to do.

It is, in essence, a 20 minute visualisation technique contained in the book, that will take you to your future self. To you – to the exact, tailor made, perfect, dream like version of yourself; of how you want to be; of what and who you want to become in twenty years time. Basically – you find your very ideal self and you make friends with her. You start to emulate her, and in turn, you will actually become her (or him).

Once you’ve met her (because honestly, no joke, its like actually meeting her in your dreams) you can then seek council with her whenever you need. If you need help making a decision, then you simply imagine ‘what would she do?’ or ‘what did she do when she were my age to take her where she is now?’

In the visualisation, you go to her house, you can stop by for a coffee even. You study her – What is she wearing? what does her house look like? how did she arrive at this place in her life? What is her general demeanour like? This technique is a fast track to your goals. Its ‘tapping in’ to your own success.

I kid you not guys – its all pretty amazing stuff.

Id love to reel off the visualisation technique right here to you, but as I’m not a life coach. I figure that’s better left to the expert to do – Buy the book. really, buy it!

In reading this book you gain the perfect muse :You.

(You think I’m mad, don’t you?!)

Try it. What have you got to lose?

You can order Playing Big by Tara Morh from amazon HERE.

Take a moment to consider where you want to be in twenty years time – Where will you live? what job will you do? what will your daily life look like? What lessons have you learned?

I would be so genuinely interested to hear from any who buy the book and try the visualisation technique. I would seriously love to swap stories on this one.

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