Happy Friday 🙂


This week, I wanted to show my current favourite outfit: My stripy grey red combo!

I love red (as you know by now)

And I love grey.

And I love stripes.

In fact, I’m willing to bet that there isn’t a 30 something mum out there who doesn’t love at least one of these elements?

I’ve featured these shoes so many times on the site now, that you may well be sick of seeing them, but I still love them – Real love never dies. I’m quite sure I will still be loving them hard in 20 years time.

This easy combo would also look lovely in flats of any kind … Converse? definitely.

So, lets talk about the little red set thing I have going on here …. the shoes are from Boden, and from last year sadly (they do have some sizes left on sale, but not many) and this clutch bag is current season. But don’t worry my red suede loving comrade, because if you like the idea of investing in these beauts (why wouldn’t you? – you can bring them out time and time again for any number of smart and casual outfits!), then Boden have different matching red shoes available now (of course they do!).

(I totally stole this matching clutch and shoe investment plan from my friend Kate, who talked me into it whilst totally rocking a leopard print shoe and clutch bodenesque thang at dinner once)

Ok. I am now officially bored of typing the word Boden.

So if its a matching set you fancy: a matching set you shall have! (Just see the links at the bottom of the post, it’ll all make sense then I promise. I’m even confusing myself here)

I love that the top is casual, that way its like the effort is there, but not too much. Kind of like, I can be arsed, but only a tiny bit – and this is my favourite way to dress I think.

I plan to wear this with a black leather biker style jacket, just to mix things up a little … what would you wear it with?

Stripe Trousers

Red Clutch Bag

Red Shoes (as shown here – on sale now, but not many sizes left)

Matching Red Shoes (This seasons, different but still gorg.)

Grey Tee

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Many thanks for reading guys, and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Please don’t forget to leave your comments and opinions in the box below, I love reading them. See you next week!

Anna x