Along with red shoes (Can you tell?) I’ve a thing for Blue.

Blue patterns in particular. So imagine my joy at reading in countless fashion magazines this month that blue is set to ‘have its moment’ 🙂

And as I stand here, in my mirror, marvelling at a blue sky wearing a blue skirt with the blue patterned cushions on my bed, I also see from my bedside table that my allegiance to all things blue and patterny has reigned strong for a little while now …

(So has my love of Walberswick in Suffolk!)

And what’s even cooler, is that this season, designers have decided that we must all get as ‘Skewed’ as possible … ‘Skewed’ being the art of mixing and matching anything and everything. Think ‘checked’ meets ‘plaid’. ‘Geek’s’ allowed to meet ‘cool’, that sort of thing.

Basically anything goes, and the bolder your pattern, the better.

So the other day, whilst walking through the town of Maidstone (such is my ability to home-in on colours of this nature) I spotted this little beauty deep within the crowded isles of H&M.

Now, I know its a shorty, but its nothing a pair of flat loafers cant off-set …

(As it is, I already match my lamp, which is good news, but Ideally, I’d love a sofa made out of this pattern)

You can find this skirt HERE. And at £14.99 I think its great.

The white shirt is old and from I cant remember where. The red shoes are last years Zara, and the tan leather bag is this season from COMPTOIR DES COTONIERS

I would also wear this with a simple white tee, and Converse.

Chanel have brought out a line this season which is very similar to this pattern so its bang-on trend. If you’re interested. (Which of course I’m not. No, I’m not a fashion victim AT ALL!)

Thanks so much for reading. Do you like a blue pattern too? would you wear this skirt or do you hate it? do let me know what you think in the comments box below, many thanks.

Anna x

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