Some Words About Consistency

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One of my favourite people whom I follow on Instagram is @emery5. (You may remember she wrote a guest post for ZmG HERE.)

Every time that I read the her words I am always left feeling super inspired and very reflective.

Recently, whilst posting about our beloved Tracy Anderson Method, she did it again. She hit the nail right on the head and reminded me of something very important. So much so, that I asked If I could quote her for this weeks self-help on a Sunday post. (She said yes, lucky for us!)

So, here you go –

Some words on consistency by the wonderful Emery Chapman

I truly believe that consistency is one of life’s hugest factors that is truly underrated.

I think this is because its actually very difficult to stay consistent.

It can be lonely, draining and monotonous.

Its harder to come back to the drawing board day-in and day-out, but that is where the magic unfolds.

When I am consistent in my mind-set, in the relationships I grow and nurture, in the practice of healthy eating and living (which means ‘Moving’ my body!), how I mother and how I run my business there is a steadiness that comes … a deep strength.

I think that is a key factor in any success.

I think we have become a ‘quick fix’ culture that wants everything now and sometimes we forget the years of dedication it takes to hone a craft. It requires many years of discipline, and sometimes peoples whole entire lives.

To me this is admirable, and I have always had such a deep respect for anyone whom I watched do this; they are generally my greatest role models. 


Its so true isn’t it? Consistency really is a powerful trick, and one in which pays huge dividends.

So, next time you find yourself dreaming up big exciting plans, don’t be fooled into thinking that anything worthwhile can happen overnight. Or without a shed load of sheer grit, determination, and above all,  that super magical application of CONSISTENCY.

We can all be consistent. It doesn’t require any exclusive skills.

Its just a daily decision that you stick to. That’s all.


…. Just worth a gentle little reminder every now and then is all 🙂

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely and consistent Sunday! Anna xx