FridayStylefinder: The Pinafore Dress and Weekend Picks.

Hello! And a very happy Friday to you all 🙂

Now then. This week I want to share with you one of my wardrobes new firm favourites. As in, Its my favourite, not my actual wardrobes …. although I’m pretty sure that if those shelves and cubbyholes could talk, they would definitely congratulate me on my purchase and throw a party to welcome this little baby in.

Check it: I give you – THE PINAFORE!

Paired with my current favourite colour combo: Grey and Burgundy (see last fashion post for more on this) And not forgetting the all important shape-streamlining magicality of Spanks, the pinafore provides a funky twist on smart dressing.


But the question is: is it best with a smart mid-heel (as above) or trainers (below) ? … I like the trainer look.

This dress does pretty good things to your bod ladies, in that it gives a much slimmer optical illusion – Your eye follows the line of the black dress, not the top underneath. And I wouldn’t mind betting that the curvier you are; the more cracking it’ll look.

But listen, Its only £18. Absolute bargain.

Try it for yourself, because if you like the look of it here, I guarantee you’ll love it on.


Product links:



(Burgundy shoes- Old)

And now … a new #FridayStylefinder add-on feature … presenting – ZmG weekend picks.


You know how I like to bang on about the things I love? The Walking Dead for example (Sorry to EVERYONE I know in person, its just so good!) Well, added on to each Friday post from now on will be our weekend picks. Either chosen by Spencer, myself, our partners in crime, friends, pets, that lady down the street etc … If someone is excited about something that’s weekend relevant, then its going to be featured here.

So, whether its a must-hear track, an amazing bottle of wine, or a link to something you just HAVE to check-out, this section is all about sharing weekend treats; stuff you should try, buy, make, eat or check out this weekend.

So without further ado.

Spencer … over to you sir –

imageTwo things for ZMG recommends this week. First things first, cake, and a lemon drizzle one at that. If there’s an easier one than this that also tastes good, I don’t know of it. Recipe here, via Waitrose site. FYI I don’t think you NEED a Colombian blacktailed hen’s egg. Any egg will do.

Secondly, yet equally importantly, CHOOOOON! Here’s one to put on, LOUD, while you’re making your cake. Marvel at the lyrical gymnastics of Andy Cooper with the Allergies. Rock Rock is gonna get your Friday going. BOOM! Have a great weekend.”

Anna’s picks –

A few randoms for you … Ladies, have you ever tried this new type of hairband you see everywhere? you know the one that looks like an old-school phone wire? Well, don’t be suspicious. Grab some next time you pass them. They will revolutionise your hair-tying-up world. Those bad boys literally don’t budge, no matter what you do. Oh, and talking of hair – OH MY GOD. I tried a sample of This, this week by Living Proof at SpaceNK –  Best leave-in conditioner/hair protector ever … I will naturally be buying the whole 250ml shebang pronto. Honestly I don’t know how I lived all the way up to last Tuesday without it.

Next up, music: Now, to coincide with the release of the new Oasis film/documentary: Supersonic, I’ve been listening to my all time favourite Oasis track a lot this week. Give it a listen and go and see the film when it comes out. Oasis were truly awesome back in the day … I swear the 90’s were better? I adored Liams voice back then. It was like pure audio velvet. (Not so much like audio velvet anymore, and these days I much prefer Noel).

Also, Kings of Leon have released a cool new track WALLS. Its a slow-y. One to kick back with, with a glass of wine and enjoy the gentle flow of  the slightly tragic lyrics.

Ok chaps and chapesses. Thanks so much for stopping by, Have a great weekend and don’t forget to let us know in the comments below if you like anything which we have shared. Or indeed if you hate anything which we have shared 🙂

See you next week x

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  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Love this look! SO nice – the length just gives it more style and it looks amazing with your pumps too xx
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