20 questions with… @kizmetcava1

If you’re anything like us at ZMG HQ you’re of an inquisitive nature, and LOVING this new feature (You were also born in August and hate liquorice, but that’s by the by). This week it’s the turn of Bec, or @kizmetcava1 as she’s known on Twitter. She describes herself as a blogging newbie and a mum of two and says she’s ‘a spaniel in human form who is known for persuading friends to go on midnight walks after too much wine.’ We’d describe her as fun and bubbly, mainly because she likes both.

Without any further ados, let’s play…

Twenty questions with… @kizmetcava1

1. Give us three words others would use to describe you.
Persuasive, sage and a firecracker.

2. What’s your favourite spot in your home and why?
The shoe cupboard. It pleases me no end. I love the colour, I adore the heart cut outs and that each shelf has a chintzy covering. Each member of the family has a shelf, and muddy wellibobs go on the bottom. People don’t put their shoes away? Tough titty, they get ‘hidden’ for a day. They soon learn!

3. What, if anything, makes you cry?
Apart from onions, goodbyes make me cry in that quiet, dabbing of the eyes way. But films can make me proper sob! Moulin Rouge (every time), Les Miserables (had to go to the loo at the cinema afterwards for an extra blue). Even Mamma Mia for pities sake! I blame THAT song for that one. ‘Slipping through my fingers’ should come with a warning. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER. AT ANY POINT IN THEIR LIFE. EVER.

4. Dogs or cats?
Dogs hands down. Cats are sinister. Dog are so kind-hearted. When has anyone ever seen a dog storm off for not getting what it wants?

5. What’s your favourite smell?
Scented candles of any variety. These are my most favourite of all things. If I had to pick a favourite it would be Ocean Tide from the White Company.

6.Romeo and Juliet: worlds greatest love story between two kindred, star-crossed souls, or an inappropriate 3 day relationship between a 13, and 18 year old?
Ooh… interesting question. Love wins in my book. Unless it was my daughter and then…. ooosh, he had better run!

7. Who’d play you in the film of your life?
Sandra Bullock, she never seems to take herself too seriously.

8. Which phrase do you most overuse?
Better to regret something you have done than something you have not.

9. If you had an hour to sit on a park bench with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
My Nana. She died when I was 7 and I have so much I would like to ask her.

10. Five star hotel with champagne, or VW camper and a beer?
VW camper, parked up looking out to sea, watching a sunset with my favourite people and candle, and a beer. Yeah, that!

11. You’re on Death Row. We don’t know why but it’s a miscarriage of justice and Bruce Willis will come in and break you free, but what’s your meal choice?
A gigantic camembert with caramelised onion chutney and freshly baked wholemeal bread. Big enough to share with Bruce. Camembert should always be shared. All swished down with a condensation covered glass of crisp white wine with ice. I always have ice in my wine, not because of temperature, I just like the sound it makes.

12. Who’s been the most inspiring person in your life, past or present?
My sister. Her philosophy on life is incredible. I often makes decisions with her voice in my head. She is my go to girl for sure!

13. If money was no object and you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would want to walk the pilgrimage route in Japan in Shikoku. I have always been fascinated with Japan and to be walking this age-old route and to use happen upon Buddhist temples would be beyond breathtaking. I would also want to see the blossom trees and go to the Geisha district.

14. Do you believe in ghosts or an afterlife?
I have felt the presence something before but have never seen anything. I get easily scared so I would like to think not. As for an afterlife, a person’s energy must go somewhere and I like to believe that a loved one can still be around you. Otherwise it is just too sad. Not good with goodbyes, remember??

15. Children aside, what’s your greatest personal achievement so far, and why?
Moving to the a tiny hamlet in the countryside and turning the dream, into reality. We were so nervous before we moved from London thinking ‘what the hell are we doing’, but I can honestly say I have never been happier.

16. Name a guilty pleasure, musically speaking, if you please.
Together in Electric Dreams, Philip Oakley. It makes me all melancholy and teary thinking of my very good friend that I moved away from and still miss terribly.

17. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, in a desert island type scenario perhaps, which would it be?
Memories of a Geisha… of course! I am on my second read at the moment.

18. Your favourite childhood memory?
Camping in our caravan. I adored those holidays. I used to go to bed the earliest being the youngest and would hear the rest of the family paying games, whispering and laughing with one another. It sound like torture but it was so comforting. If it happened to be raining then that made it all the better. And the whistley kettle, I still get excited when I hear a whistley kettle. It takes me right back.

19. Would you rather have a head the size of a tennis ball or a head the size of a watermelon?
I would prefer a head the size of a butternut squash. At least then you would kind of have cheekbones. No?

20. Daddy or chips?
My lovely Daddy eating a portion of my mums amazing thrice cooked homemade chips… he would always share them with me. See, that way i get both. Sneaky aren’t I?

Thanks again to Bec for playing along. Follow her on Twitter here and take time to have a look at her very lovely blog www.kizmetcava.uk – say we said hello. And if you want to play 20 questions, let us know in the comments section below.

We have another victim lined up for next week, so see you then, then. TTFN mon petit chou-fleurs.