FridayStylefinder: New Season updates – Burgundy with denim


With yesterday being the first official day of Autumn, I say its time to think coats. Lovely, lovely coats. And just because its not exactly freezing yet (Hurry up, weather … I want to light the fire) I thought I would find a really cool pair of trainers too. Its too soon for boots …

One key colour trend that’s everywhere right now, is that of deep, spicy, rich wine tones, matched beautifully with (almost randomly) softer pale blue or grey. I’m really chuffed about that actually, as burgundy and pale blue has always been one of my favourite colour marriages, its a bit contemporary isn’t it? a bit different. A bit cool.

So with a rough idea of what I wanted this years coat purchase to reflect, I kept my eye out for something …Just so.

And then I saw this picture in the latest copy of Red and decided to follow in the footsteps of the lovely Helena, and grab me one of these coats before it sold out. Its by Ben de Lisi for Principles at Debenhams.

Naturally, I look every inch the super model in mine, too. Here, have a look for yourself …

I know, right? If it weren’t for the hair colour, you’d struggle to tell us apart.

I love it. I really do. It fits beautifully (true to size, but with room for layers) and feels just like your are wearing a big ol’ blanket – Its super snuggly. It has big, big pockets – you know how I love a pocket – And the fur collar is detachable too. But what I love most, is it’s mix of rich tones. Its got the deep reds AND the plums – Its all in there!

I always like to match a formal coat with super casual stuff, so I’ve paired it with my new (BARGAINOUS) silver trainers, together with my favourite light blue jeans and a nice grey tee from Hush, which says ‘&’ on it. I know what your saying: ‘And’ what? … I dunno. You tell me. Just and.

At the moment, Debenhams have the supermodel coat listed at £79.20 (20% off) which isn’t too bad for a long coat like this, so if you like it, you’d better be quick 🙂

Now then. These trainers … would you believe it if I told you I got them on Wednesday for just £7.50? its true. And they aren’t exactly sh** either. They are really nice and comfortable. I’m definitely getting the gold pair too.

They are from Boohoo (One of my new favourite places to buy online) and though listed at £15, Boohoo seem to be doing a site-wide 50% off at checkout.

Guys, seriously, if you are interested in nabbing a pair – GO THERE NOW!

Winter coat by Ben de Lisi for Principles at Debenhams

Grey tee by Hush

Silver trainers

So, what do you think of my picks for this weeks #FridayStylefinder? All opinions welcome, as always. Are you rushing off to buy the £7.50 trainers, or do you think they belong on a 9 year olds feet ? (like my husband thinks!). And what does my t-shirt mean, anyway?

I’d love to hear from you, thanks so much for reading. Have a great weekend, Anna x