How to Apply False Eyelashes in 3 Easy Steps.

Hmm. False eyelashes – a tricky animal? Not necessarily. As I found out from my lovely friend and professional MAC make-up artist, Ashley, it needn’t be the fiddly task I once assumed it to be … Here are 3 quick and simple steps to ensuring a swift application of your lashes, with a professional looking finish. 1. Lash preparation : before you do anything, first colour in the white part found on the base of the false lashes … this white will only cause you jip and be a dead giveaway once they are applied otherwise. Just use your normal black eyeliner for this job.


2. Ashley likes to use the end of the eyelash glue tube to apply the glue. But however you get the glue onto the lashes BE SURE TO LET THE GLUE GO TACKY BEFORE YOU APPLY TO YOUR EYES. Just wait a minute or so for this. It just ensures that the glue is fully ready to set as soon as the lashes make contact with your lash line, and wont cause a slidey, sticky mess on your eye!

3. ALWAYS TRIM YOUR LASHES TO FIT YOUR OWN EYES FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. (i.e. The longer end) This is because false lashes always taper off towards the inner part of your own eye – you need to keep that shorter lash part, both for your own comfort and so that the false lashes look natural. Trim from the outside in ladies!


Simply apply your ready prepped (trimmed and tacky) lashes, first affixing to the middle of your lash line like so …


And then fix either side  …

DSC_0337 DSC_0336

There. Perfect AND easy!



Thank you to Ashley for her top-tips, and also big thanks to my friend L, for modelling for us! You can follow Pro Makeup Artist Ashley HERE on Facebook. Id highly advise that you do, she’s fab!

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