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Memory Making or Just Memory Faking?

Happy smiling family at home celebrating Christmas

  I’m going to be honest with you. After all, it’s what I do best (for those who are remotely interested!) Social media this month –more than ever-  is making me want to puke. We are talking the rare and proper, heaving kind of chunder (y’know, the cheap white wine kind?) And I think the place that is riling me the most right now is Instagram. Actually, I’ve stopped looking at altogether to be honest … Because let me tell you, If I see one more carefully composed flat lay of festive accessories paired with a cheeky seasonal Starbucks (being…

The End of The Age of Innocence

christmas gift

“Lucy said she doesn’t believe in Father Christmas any more” said the 9-year-old. Bugger. Thus it begins. The unravelling of an idea, festive fibbing, that’s been pedalled in order to keep the children in check. Leaving out whisky and a mince pie, and a carrot for Rudolph, floured footsteps in the kitchen and living room up to the Christmas tree to show someone came in and left the gifts, the concept of behaving yourself because otherwise Father Christmas won’t bring you any presents if you’re naughty… all this, this beautiful period of innocence and unquestioned parental authority, is now coming…