FridayStylefinder: Two Summery T-shirt Dresses


For this weeks #Fridaystylefinder I thought it only right to feature clothes that are actually applicable to our sudden onset of (very welcome) summer.

Basically, I’m showing the dress that I am actually wearing today, plus its sister dress –  I love this dress that I’m wearing so much that I bought a similar one.

I’ll show you …

This is what I’m wearing today –

Its from Boden (I know. Boden again!) but I love its simplicity. I love that its loose and comfy, and its just perfect for a day working from home, and doing a bit of pottering in the garden with my chickens and doggie in the sun.



Sorry its creased, but like I say, I’ve been sat working at the desk for a while …  plus, I just went and let my friends puppy out for a wee in the garden whilst she’s at work, and the little monkey may have chewed it a bit! (query: wee’d a bit on me too?)

Anyway, moving swiftly on …You can get this T-shirt dress in heaps of colourways, so I may need to buy a few more. Do check the different options out if you like the idea of it.

(Sorry about the sun reflection and glare)

And now for its sister T-shirt dress …

This one is from Zara, and only £9.99. Its a bit baggier in style than the Boden one, and it has a lot more material in the shoulders, but I quite like that.


Its super casual – But when you’re just hanging out at home, super casual is all you need.

With regards to casual summer shoes: I read a magazine the other day which stated that no self-respecting fashionista should be without slides this summer. So, ever the glossy magazine slave, I dug out last years Office offerings for another season of fun! I love slobbing out in shoes like this when its hot.

Well, that’s all for today, please look out for another fashion post over the next couple of days featuring two smarter dresses. But In the mean time thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend in the sun!

Anna x




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