That lovely moment when a beautifully wrapped wedding invitation drops onto your doormat is an exciting one. It is. And lets face it, we all know why – Its not just because of the joyous impending nuptials between your beloved friends or family, it is also (mainly) because it means you have permission to buy a new outfit. Probably new shoes too. definitely a new bag. Its THE LAW.

And whilst Its not a written law as such, it would still stand up in any court I’m sure, because its the peoples law … you know, much like ‘bagsy’ or calling ‘shotgun’, You know it. I know it. And ALL HUSBANDS know it.

Now normally, I would hit up Coast stores for a decadent little wedding guest number. But after years and years of attending weddings, those dry clean only, cant-possibly-wear-one-dress-to-more-than-one-wedding little garments can really start to stack up. And so I figured, Yes I want a new dress, but no, I don’t want to spend a fortune on something that I may get very little wear out of.

And then I found this little summery beauty. Its absolutely perfect.

Its perfect for wearing to a wedding, but its also perfect to wear as a smart day dress too …

I’m so chuffed with it. Its now one of my favourites 🙂

With its lace detail, it is bang on-trend and reminds me very much of a Self-Portrait dress (which cost over £250 I might add!) so at just £45, I happily handed over the dosh, and with a little fist-pump of dress purchasing success, I went on my merry way.


Thank you for reading, What do you think of the dress? Id love to hear your comments in the box below 🙂 Have a wonderful bank-holiday weekend, and see you guys next week (for chic day-wear!) Much love, Anna xx

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