Guest Posting on Mummy’s Got Style – The Not-So-Good Photos

Last Friday, I was super fortunate enough to feature on the fabulous site: Mummy’s Got Style (The style blog of super-blogger Vicki of HonestMum).

The theme was ‘Festival Style for Mums’ and it seemed only fitting to shoot the photos whilst enjoying a (VERY boozy) picnic with friends, accompanied by one seriously cute VW camper van …

Just to put this into perspective if you aren’t familiar  – Mummy’s got style Is a very popular and busy site. Its uber professional and my guest post needed to reflect that.

Now that’s all fine, I’m happy and comfortable with professionalism.

Professionalism is my middle name.

But, as I mentioned, there may have been a few (much more than a few) glasses of fizz … so, well, lets just say that ended up having a slight knock-on effect to the photographic end result … I sent the reasonably ok ones over to Vicki, and saved the rest for my computerized trash can.

But then I thought … lets keep this real.

Seeing as I post about fashion every Friday, exhibiting super lovely clothes upon my own body, one would assume I therefore posses a natural flair in front of the camera? some kind of charm? perhaps, a little Je ne sais quoi?

No. No, I can assure you that there is no Je ne sais anything.

Readers, I don’t know quite what happens, but as soon as anyone points a camera in my direction, I turn into the biggest dick idiot going … and the un-photogenic qualities of my face/body/behaviour can no longer be ignored.

I’ve got to face it – I’m the crappiest self-appointed so-called Fashion Blogger ever to grace the internet.

All I can do is apologise.

Lets examine the evidence:

My friend @becrooni = cool as the proverbial cucumber


Me? Not so much.

@becrroni is positively Alexa Chung here … she’s not even tilting her glass? Me? No. Not so much …

So many chins. Where do they even come from?


Super cool …

Not so cool …


One relaxed, natural and at home in front of the lens … and one … a bit more un-natural, Ab fab even, content only with hideous overkill …


It gets so much worse …

quick dance …


And then, after a little while (thankfully) @becrooni started to show signs of inebriation (THERE IS A GOD)

Ha, Wellies on hands. Trust me, it was WELL funny!



Some moments later; not a moment too soon, we experienced a spark of clarity.

We gave each other a pep talk and decided to put the prosecco down. And the beers. And we began to focus.

It was time to get professional … We were losing the ‘magic hour’ light and we HAD to get the shots we needed for the post.


Oh. Wait …

Need I say any more?

I told you. I’m awful at this game!

What is that? Jazz hands?

If you would like to see the better pictures and full outfit details then please be sure to check out the full post HERE on Mummy’s Got Style.

And then, Here comes the begging! – if you’d like to vote for the worst Fashion Blogger in the world, EVER,  then please do so below ( ZmG has been shortlisted in the final 10 of the best ‘beauty and Fashion’ blogs in the #BiBs2016 ! how crazy is that? especially given the evidence above)

(Not to be confused with the #MADblogawards I asked you kindly to vote in a couple of weeks ago!)

But lovely readers, I would dearly love to make it into the final 5 and attend the awards ceremony in London next month so please, please consider doing this one little favour pour moi … I promise it just takes 10 seconds but would mean the world to me (and my many chins). Just select the ‘Zeit my Geist’ option in the scroll down menu of the Beauty & Fashion category, and Bob’s your uncle.

Thank you very much for reading, (And hopefully, for voting too!)
Anna xx