Ok. Here’s the thing : I make the time to go clothes shopping fairly frequently I suppose. Even if it is often under the premise that “I have to go into town because so-and-so needs new shoes” or whatever… Then I combine a little necessity purchasing with the visitation of my own favourite retail haunts (I’m very naughty like that!)

So I target my favourite shops … Super-quick mind.

I pop in. I mooch. I haven’t got long (usually about 3 minutes or so) so I’d better be really quick if I want anything.

‘Oh, this is really nice’ I think to myself, as I pick up a garment which is to die for. It is a little random, but it’s oh so lovely.

YES – I decide it will be just perfect for that event or occasion which hasn’t even been conceived yet. For when the weather will have to be just so. ‘Fabulous’ I smugly muse as I commit to purchase – This top/dress/skirt will be completely ideal for the occasion unfolding in my minds-eye (which isn’t even happening) Oh, and I’d better get the slightly tighter size of course, because I’m quite certain that I will be around 5lbs lighter for said imaginary scenario.

I buy it. I get it home. And I never wear it again.

The imaginary scenario never crops up, and the random thing I bought is way too random for actual daily use. ‘It doesn’t matter’ I tell myself. I can put it in my wardrobe with the other random things and I can feel happy just knowing it’s in there.

(Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!)

I do exactly THIS every time I pop to the shops to buy everyday wearable stuff. Consequently, I feel like my everyday clothing options vary from sparse to crap. I never have anything to wear!

Do I really like the majority of my own clothes? Well, They’re ok I guess. But I’m not totally crazy about them.

How so? I chose them all!

I’d surmise that such abysmal wardrobe satisfaction levels might be acceptable if someone else chose all of my clothes on my behalf – maybe whilst I was incapacitated or something. But I selected every last item in my wardrobe.

By rights, my heart should skip a fashionista beat every morning when it’s time to get dressed, shouldn’t it? But it really doesn’t.

The concept of getting dressed each day is both dreaded to the max and super dull.

Dresses on a wooden hangers

I know full-well how to build a successful wardrobe. I know how to buy up-dates to refresh a look each season. And I know what’s due in, each season, a whole 6 months in advance (thanks to Vogue and Net-a-Porter)

But what is the use is all of this style knowledge and shopping common sence, if I don’t take the time to apply it to myself?

Now, I don’t mean I want to start dressing like I’m from the Primrose Hill set or anything – Let’s be realistic. I am a busy Mum and my day-to-day clothes needn’t be too OTT or high-end. But there is certainly room for much more thought and consideration when it comes to selecting my own ensembles.

So, hereth starteth ZmG’s ‘Lessons in Shopping’! I’m really going to experiment with my shopping tactics and begin to practice what I already know and preach.

I think it will be so interesting to break-down wardrobe curation into easy to implement bite size lessons – Making it simple for us Mumsys and/or super busy girls to layer a look like a pro – Building a capsule wardrobe which is both time AND cost effective. One that leaves us excited to get dressed each day. How refreshing would that be?!

The first lesson will be published later on in the week and will focus on building our own clothing collections from the essentials up.

I would genuinely LOVE to hear from anyone who feels they are in the same boat as me. Please leave a comment below and let’s throw this open – Are you good at shopping? Do you adore everything which hangs in your wardrobe? Does getting dressed leave you feeling cold more often than not?