I’m a frowner. I always have been. I frown and scowl whilst I’m reading, driving, concentrating, chatting. I even frown whilst I sleep apparently!

For the last few years my frown lines have become so ingrained in my forehead, that I even look like I’m frowning when I’m not and that really bothers me.

After a long time procrastinating about it I decided to give Botox a try  – simply because I feel that this constant tension between my eyebrows is not only exhausting but its also hardening my face; Making me look like I’m either a) in a constant state of misery or b) up for a fight! … also, I feel a bit manly with such deep furrows!

So I’ve been considering it. all-in-all for a good few years, knowing the pro’s and con’s (I used to work as a Beauty Therapist so I saw the treatment being carried out a lot at work by nurses. I was in my early twenties at the time though, so it wasn’t applicable to me trying it out)

So far I’ve resisted of course. Insisting to myself that having it done might be along the lines of ‘selling out’  to the ageing process which I don’t want to do, or maybe its somehow bad for Feminism … And when you talk to people about it: some folks are so opinionated when it comes to the ‘B’ word!

But then I just figured one day – You know what? what’s the point in sitting up on my own opinionated high-horse, all the while disliking my seriously furrowed brow to the max, when I can just quit the arrogance and get the blimmin’ treatment done!

After all – Its my face. My choice. If I make my own informed decision, then that’s just fine with me.

So last week, I booked it.  I decided to get it done by my GP (who happens to offer it outside of general practice. I trust him implicitly and figured that if he offered it – Then it must be alright.)

And today came (and I very nearly cancelled it!!) … I was soo nervous!

Turns out – It was really no big deal at all.

Here is me before the treatment (fully furrowed!)

FullSizeRender (8)


And here is me on the treatment couch, all pencilled up and ready for the tiny injections.

FullSizeRender (7)

(slightly crazed eyes. Partly because I had to take the picture quickly before the doctor came back from getting the vile out of the fridge!)

The injections hardly hurt at all, I would say that it was less painful than getting a brow wax actually. it took around 1 minute.

Then after I had left the surgery, I had to spend an hour frowning (To make sure that the Botox attaches itself to the correct muscles in question)

And I mustn’t lay down for 4 hours after the treatment either.

The effects will start to take hold within 5-7 days, However the full results wont be seen until the two week mark (I will add results pictures as I take them over the coming days )And it is then that any top-ups can be added should it be necessary to achieve the desired effect. It wont stop me from frowning altogether. It will simply stop the muscles from being permanently engaged. The Dr said that they use this treatment a lot now in people who present chronic headaches as its so good for tension relief. That made me feel better too … a bit like ‘Yeah, this is totally for medical reasons and NOTHING to do with my own vanity’! he he …

And that’s it. It was literally that simple. I almost felt a little silly for building it up so much in my mind.

As I write this, I am 2 hours post-treatment and I can already feel a sense of relaxed relief between my eyebrows. Oooooh Its nice!

Obviously, there are always the chances that some adverse side effects might occur (I have to add though, that the likelihood wasn’t enough for me personally to worry too much) But I will let you know how it goes … I’m actually surprised with myself at how happily I am sharing this information with you all. I guess I love that my blog is all about sharing things with the girls – From one friend to another, this is my story from today anyway  – Take from it what you will :)


Recap picture of before treatment

FullSizeRender (8)

2 days after Treatment


I’m SO happy with the results already! Its like magic, really it is.

Obviously I am wearing mascara in the second shot, so that will give the illusion of my eyes being more open anyway. But my eyes really do seem more open. More awake. I guess because the frown used to pull everything downwards and onto my eyelashes. I really notice the difference now when I’m doing my make-up; Its like I’ve got new eyelids and eyebrows too! I can still move my forehead and eyebrows totally, but the muscular default setting is now one of peace and calm – rather than tension. I don’t look so pissed-off anymore!

Love it.



Well looky what we have here … I have a little brow lift occurring!

I’m not going to lie – I quite like it!

The smoothing effect seems to have spread further across my forehead over the last couple of days too. And I can still move everything.

Still happy.

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