I think that we UK girls are all in the same boat at this time of year : After a season of skin-battering weather, central heating, Or in my case – Cooking myself next to the roaring fire for over 5 months – Our complexions can be a little, shall we say, dull. Dry too, perhaps.

I have the perfect skin tonic – Which when used every few days, has my skin looking alive again.

… And kindly gets rid of all those annoying dry patches which can really mess with your make-up application!

The fact that its not one of those highly pricey-but-brilliant-so-you-reluctantly-justify-it-anyway products is a total bonus.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Invigorating. 150ml £3.50.

Honestly – This stuff is brilliant and does the job just as well as any expensive facial scrub. A scrub is a scrub, after all.

Never underestimate the importance of exfoliation! I think that scrubbing away those dead skin cells is one of the most effective and rewarding beauty steps you can take, but can all too often be left out of the equation.

So next time you are at the supermarket, pop a tube in your basket along with your food shopping.