The Kurio Smart laptop/tablet was offered to us to review at a time when I couldn’t have needed it more. With 4 children at home (ranging from 4 to 16) the tech needs and related issues within our household were beginning to get a little out of hand.

The older two (12 & 16) had online homework and coursework coming out of their ears, and the younger two (4 & 9) were also starting to develop a reliance – much to my dislike, I might add – But after years of trying to fight todays incessant need for internet connection, I had finally thrown in the towel and admitted defeat.

This is the world we live in now: my kids are going to need tech and there is not a thing I can do about it.

Henceforth, we now own a LOT of Tech!!

So, what have we got?

Well, there are 6 of us at home, and aside from smart TV’s etc., between us we have the following:

1 desktop computer, 2 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 iPad mini, 1 Samsung tablet, a brief stint with a couple of Hudl tablets (which both broke and had to be returned) 3 iphones, 4 ipods and a Nokia Lumia.

Yet, I still craved something that I could simply give to my children, not worry about breaking and most importantly, HAVE SUFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE PARENTAL CONTROLS on so I didn’t have to worry about inappropriate internet use/content popping-up whilst they should be working hard on their school work!  … not much to ask really, is it?  Yet, with that little lot listed above ^, seemingly it really was.

Enter –Kurio Student 9-Inch QC Tablet (Intel, 32 GB RAM, Windows 8.1)  designed especially for family use.

imageResult so far? We all love it!

Its perfect for the older ones to use in laptop mode.

It comes with 1 year subscription to Microsoft office 365 too. Perfect.

And its compact size means its ideal to take into school when the need arises.

Our younger children love detaching the screen and using it as a tablet too, and its sturdy enough for me not to have to worry about little clumsy hands!

At last – a tablet with PROPER parental controls. Thank you Kurio peeps!



Suffice to say, my 12 year old son now uses this as his main homework device and has pushed his desktop computer to the back of his desk. Apparently switching on the main computer is too much of a ‘faff’ when compared to using the Kurio.

Easy touchscreen use

Basically, it does everything the desktop does, so he is right. Its just easy, and it does the job. That’s all you want, really. Isn’t it?

We all give it 10/10.

I need to buy another one!

You can check out the Kurio HERE and retails at £159.99.


Do you have ‘Tech’ issues in your house? do you find setting parental controls an issue for your children? Do let us know in the comments box below.

Thank you for reading. Anna x

Thank you to Kurio for gifting us the Kurio Smart for review.