In short – 100% YES.

I had the celebrity favoured and much hyped Crystal Clear Oxygen Facial complete with Microdermabrasion 6 days ago, and as a facial lover anyway, I can say that this has probably been the most effective, result-heavy facial that I have ever had. The results have really, really surprised me.


Oxygen therapy replenishes lost oxygen, and the active ingredients in the serum (which is pushed into your skin under a jet of pure oxygen) works to restructure the skin from the inside out . Conveniently resulting in the following –

*Rejuvenates the skin

*Plumps out fines lines and wrinkles

*Is perfect for sun-damaged, aged  and acne prone skin

*Stimulates collagen production at a cellular level to rejuvenate

*reverses the damage caused by free-radicals

It works particularly well after Micro-dermabrasion, as your skin is then prepped to perfection to receive the Oxygen and Serums. I would definitely recommend saying yes to this add-on.

Even 6 days later, I am continuing to see radiance in my skin when I wake up in the mornings (and trust me – that NEVER happens)  my normally very dry skin, is behaving as though its choc-full of moisture and natural oils, even before I’ve applied anything; It feels really amazing. Truly it does.

I’m thinking that this treatment is now a total must for me before any super special events I have in the future (sorry husband!)  …

and I’m also seriously wishing that I knew about this magic little gem of a skin game-changer when I was preparing for my wedding 5 years ago … The Oxygen Facials is just ideal for brides – 90 minutes spent having this done will get you as close to complexion-perfection as you can possibly get, I promise.

The idea is that it can take 10 years off of you. 10 YEARS!  … and to be honest – they weren’t wrong. My own results were totally visible immediately, after just one treatment (however a course of 5 treatments is recommended to achieve maximum effect) The improvements were so surprising to me, that when I looked in the mirror after getting up from the couch : my mouth literally dropped open –  OH. MY. GOD was my ever-so-slightly too loud and excitable reaction. My fine lines had completely disappeared and everything was all super- plumped, smooth and glowey. I was indeed 24 again … (only, much less of a dick!)

(my therapist then had to kindly remind me that the line plumping part wasn’t permanent ‘so don’t go cancelling your Botox just yet’ she warned. Damn it -She read my mind!)

I had my treatment done by the lovely Jean at The Fig Tree Spa, in Lenham Village. Nr Maidstone in Kent. I really love it in there – Its a little village sanctuary.

I will most certainly be having it done again. Another essential to add to my ever growing list!

(This is not a sponsored post – This is a genuine recommendation of something wonderful that really works. Just so you know!)