Back in January of this year, I started to dabble in Instagram. I know, I know – a little late to the party, perhaps!

As a keen ‘TAMER’ (Tracy Anderson Method partaker) I joined in with the New Year TAM Instagram contest. All I had to do was post a daily Instagram pic of myself doing my TAM workout (gulp!) to be in for a chance to win a free annual subscription to Tracy’s live streaming classes, as well as a free ‘Vitality week’ pass (A week of classes with the lady herself, together with workshops, talks, healthy food, Amazing Aspen location … blady blady bloo blah) Er, Yes please. This British girl would like that very much, Thank you!

So, this selfie-taking hater took shots like this –


(Doing a live stream Ta class next to the fire)

As the days passed by, I got into the swing of things and took a few ‘body shots’ – Oooh, get me! so this snap made an appearance…


(taken half-way through January after a major Christmas blow-out to show how quickly the Method does its thing)

So, you get the picture. If I didn’t know any better, Id have thought it looked vein from the outside. And I would have been wrong!

Because you see pretty soon, I realised that said contest was providing a rather unexpected and fabulous side effect – All of the crazy TAMERS from around the world were connecting, encouraging and supporting each other through each of our Januarys. It certainly brightened up my gloomy and cold start to the year, anyway.

And you know, after a whole year of solitary workouts in my lounge – getting to see all of those amazing woman from all over the world as well as right here in England: doing what I was doing was really rather fabulous. Truly, it was.

There were younger girls ;older girls ;super-dooper fit ones ; some newer to the Method. Some had crazy busy jobs and were getting their TAM on at 4am before going into the office, Some had just had babies and were looking to regain their pre-pregnancy shape. We were each different, yet the in the same boat: absolutely determined to make time for ourselves and our health each day, no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT I tell thee!

Everyone was so incredibly focused and super inspiring that It was pretty hard, no, make that impossible, not to get pulled in to the amazing camaraderie and support that month. In fact, If you hashtag #TAREALTIME today, you will see it for yourself – despite the contest ending months ago, everyone is still there. TAMing away. Those girls are truly lovely, and funny, and kind, and more than anything – everyone on that page is super inspiring. I don’t take part with those girls enough. I miss them, actually.

Anywho …

One of those lucky contest winners was one of the many girls who I really felt I would get on with well outside of Instagram – Perhaps because she is also blatantly a full-on foodie! Proving that it is totally possible to have a knock-out, healthy body, whilst still enjoying beautifully, fresh and yummy food. I just adore her food shots. And the way in which she talks about food is oh so refreshing – referring to food with the respect it deserves. Her pictures and accompanying text never fail to make me feel hungry. I often just want to reach in to the screen and take all of her foodie offerings!

And that is what is so great about Instagram. You can meet fabulous, likeminded people. You can be inspired to do something, try something, cook something, go somewhere, or buy something – Its amazing when you find and follow your kind of people.

@Emery5 has very kindly written a guest post for me and has shared some of her favourite healthy recipes with ZmG here. And I urge you to check it out for a little healthy food inspiration – better still, read it before you go food shopping and make it happen. I certainly plan to.

She is also a hotelier (Ooooh, how lovely!) and runs the most beautiful looking boutique hotel with her husband in Maine. New England  (I want to go there and eat clams RIGHT NOW!) Please do check out her Instagram page too, and you can purchase her very own cookbook no-less from her page directly.

So, say what you like about social media, I love that because of Instagram, a whole group of Woman have “met” and supported each other to be healthier versions of themselves. Now that’s pretty cool in my book.