Meet Johnny*, Johnny Clash, who at 35 years of age, has spent more than a decade living abroad; travelling the world and dating every different nationality of female in existence. (He won’t confirm exact numbers for me, But I suspect its in the hundreds. Minimum!)

Girls, its fair to say that Johnny is pretty confident he has our number. Fact. Consequently, trust me when I tell you that he has a thing or two to say about the fairer sex. In truth, this dude has a relentlessly honest opinion on everything, and I for one cant wait to read more from him … (and possibly disagree with him on occasion too!)

Assertive yet sensitive. Raring to go, and a little burnt. Ladies, Johnny is a modern day Batchelor living the footloose and fancy-free dream…

So, who wants to pick his brains?

Me too!! :)

To kick things off gently, (and before I bust the real nitty-gritty out of him!) to start my guest post series covering ‘Relationships’, I simply asked him to jot down his thoughts on Marriage. knowing he has come pretty close to popping the question before, I knew that his musings would resonate with lots of other men and woman who have either consciously chosen to avoid the word ‘forever’ altogether, or have simply not yet found ‘the one’.

To be honest with you readers, I assumed his response would be harsher; way more negative. I was expecting a seriously anti-marriage post … But actually, its really quite sweet.

I’m not sure this guy is quite ready to give up on the fairy tale dream just yet …


Never Say Never. By Johnny Clash.


Perfect in a reflecting world of comparisons.

The imperfect world made perfect by wanting acceptance, of being part of the masses and settling for your best option – created only by the circles of the people influencing your life – or the desire to be loved.

The need to please those around you.

Pleasing everyone on the time clock of what is deemed acceptable… Do now or forever be alone.

To have someone make you feel like you’re the only reason they’re alive.

Settling for almost love and never knowing what it means.

The famous words of a mother to her daughter … Body clock’s ticking

The feeling of that fear. The fear of being alone. Of growing old alone.

A Mother says to her son ‘She’s perfect’ … Which translates … ‘Grandchildren please ... and settle down so I can stop worrying.’  She will do.

I don’t want to be alone… I can’t wait; no one will love me when the body goes south.

So then the unspoken agreement is reached: “Together forever” … The walk and the vowel’s, all said and done.

Pressure valves released…

Is it real?

I don’t mean to be offensive.

Everyone I know would love to share a whole life with that special, really special someone: their best friend and soul mate.

The really lucky ones find that person and live the life they’re dreaming…

While others learn to love and never fall in love.

The honeymoon periods are the most special and always create the best memories by far … perhaps even keeping couples together through the bad times?

I’d love to be wrong.

Marriage is a perfect dream for few.

A world of couples with a special magnetic code only suited to each other would be a perfect world.

A world that has no time influence.

Imagine a life without time limits.

Would you continue to roam the earth in search and find?

We all know it exists; it’s out there. I am reminded of that by social media every day …

Makes me melt and admire.

I’d love to marry the one and share that dream. You know what I’m talking about.

Marriage is when relaxing is acceptable in only one way – commitment and knowing this is it.

Together forever… That’s when the fun starts…

It shouldn’t be when you give up because you think that you’ve hit life’s acceptances of influence.

Maybe my reality of love and marriage is wrong… Maybe I want the fairy tale.

But life isn’t simple. And being alone is not a life recommended either.

Me? For now, I’m gonna keep roaming…


So guys, what do you think? do we all get married for the right reasons? … would we still get married if it wasn’t deemed to be socially crucial? Do you LOVE being married … or HATE it? Perhaps you are desperate to marry your partner but he/she doesn’t share your dream … We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts below.

Thank you for reading,

Anna x