My #RandomPhoneSnaps

A bit of a silly post this, But I needed to preserve this stuff forever.

We’ve all got them – the really random snaps on your phone that made complete sense at the time, but later cause you to question either a) what? or b) why? It’s now time for me to delete some of mine, but before they go, come, lets take a walk down memory lane …




A fine example of a duvet day done properly.

My sartorial mud flaps.

A scotch egg, with piccalilli, olives and octopus.

My dog and his post.

A steep hill.

A giant Jellybaby.

My husbands packing for a night away. In its entirety.

My favourite washing line in France (Good billowing properties).

A spoon found under my daughters bed that had to be thrown away due to impenetrable white, mysterious crust.

DIY brace issues.

My youngest daughters Bobby Dazzlers.

Energy gel research.

A daytime dance.

A charming piece of art in the room of the hotel we stayed in the night before The National Three peaks Challenge.

The toilet ‘as found’ in said hotel.

A sausage roll and a very questionable outfit.

A Darth Vader piñata that no-one can reach.

My teenage daughters bathroom. (This is why she has her own bathroom)

A snickers bar on Ben Nevis.

A proud picture of my tidy food cupboard.

A picture of very the big Guv’nor getting out of a very tiny tent.

A really bad knee bruise.

My husbands party buffet choosing’s.

Backpack sweat.

My friend up a tree.

Glow in the dark hedgehog stickers, stolen from a skip. Because why not?

My sister asleep on a mini-bus.

An ideal book reading scenario.

A field. And a stain.


The village post office and its dangerously low stock levels.

Bribing children up a hill using sweeties.

An apple.

My favourite perfume. Given to me by my Father-in-law over dinner.

Brand new cutlery. (Yes I did send this picture to my family in order to share in the excitement).

My Husbands fridge at work.

My eye. close up. after I’d had my make-up professionally done.

And finally, The very first picture my husband sent me after he got his iPhone upgrade. Who said romance is dead?

Now I wish to tag my two good blogging friends from Kizmetcava and The boy equation, to share some #randomphonesnaps with us too, (Because I think you can tell a lot about a person from their phone images) So come on girls, get scrolling and sharing!

Thanks for clicking by,

Anna x