FridayStylefinder: Topshop Polka Dots & Tights

Happy Friday lovely people! … (I’m always very tempted to write ‘Happy Friday Y’all’ … what is with that? I’m from Brighton not Tennessee!)

I’ll stick with my roots and just use ‘Hello’.


So anyway, Hello! Its Friday. Its freezing. What a surprise! therefore, instead of the lovely white short and top combo I planned to show you, I am instead digging out the old 70 deniers, together with a nice soft woolly scarf.

(Again, another apt reminder that this is April in England NOT Tennessee)

‘Smart tailoring meets playful’ in this lovely shirt dress from Topshop, and is just bang-on for smart casual day-wear …


There is just something rather ‘prim’ and ‘proper’ to a spot, don’t you think?

Its currently reduced from £46 down to £30 too, so that’s nice.


I almost feel quite primary-school-teacherish in this little arrangement … I always wanted to be a primary school teacher though so this is all good. (and a Doctor, and a Lawyer, and a Forensic Pathologist…anything else? oh yeah, a cake boss.)

What do you think? Do you like it? or is it waaay too Miss Honey from Matilda for your tastes? – Oh c’mon, Miss Honey’s the bomb! … Click the link below to be taken through, but if you want one, you’d better be quick, I have a feeling they are about to sell out Y’all.

Polka Dot Shirtdress