FridayStylefinder: Tailored Wide-Leg Trouser from Karen Millen


Happy Friday everyone! apologies for this being a little late in the working day … I got a bit held up earlier!

Anyhoo … Trousers, guys. Bright red ones.

Big, massive, wide-legged things of 90’s-esque beauty from Karen Millen.

Who loves them?

God I do! … they may well be a little ‘out there’ for everyone’s tastes, but for me, I think they are fabulous.

I know, I do need to have them taken up, but what can I say, I’m a shorty. They have only just arrived in the post but I still wanted to show them to you…

However, that said, every picture I see of people wearing trousers like this right now (on Instagram and in Magazines etc.) are of the HUGE trousers billowing along the ground … so perhaps I should leave them to drag?

(I had a pair just like this in 1994 but sadly, I ripped them up on my bike chain)


They are just so special. And funky!

Worn with a simple black vest top, or white blouse, this is an easy outfit that still makes an extremely current fashion statement.


Now, lets talk specifically about the cut of a wide-legged trouser for a mo: Man repeller? possibly – They can be terribly unflattering, or they can be super slimming. And In my experience of wideys (which is extensive) they key is in the precise cut, and also the fabric – The fabric needs to be super weighty, weighty enough to hang and drop heavily … thus skimming beautifully past your bits and bobs – enhancing not clinging.


And let me tell you, a quick search through some super-duper posh shopping sites has revealed that these beauties are in fact replicated many times throughout this seasons collections, including identical designs from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Michael Kors, Etoile Isabel Marant and Max Mara to name just a few of the biggies …

So you can spend over a Grand on a pair, or you can get these beauties from Karen Millen for £140. Up to you.

These trousers are where its at my friends – who’s in?

Please leave your comments and feedback in the box below. Please note that all opinions on funky red trousers are welcome!

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