Friday Stylefinder: One LBD Styled Two Ways


Happy Friday guys ūüôā

I’m super excited today as I have a party tonight, then a girly weekend in Brighton tomorrow. So, I can hardly contain myself right now. Deep breaths Anna. Deep breaths.

(Note to self –¬†must not drink too many Proseccos at party tonight and peak too early)

Okay, for this weeks Friday Stylefinder,¬†I’m looking at the most classic¬†and iconic wardrobe staple a girl can own :¬†The gorgeously trusty little black dress.

You’ve got one, right? Maybe more than one, maybe like me you’ve got about 23 of them.

I recently bought a little gem from Pied a Terre £99. (only available in store at House of Fraser), and honestly, I can see me wearing this dress heaps for decades to come. It feels amazing to wear, it really does. It will never date. And with its conservative neck line, we can afford to show a little knee, right?

Here it is styled for the daytime with my faithful H&M denim jacket and my battered old converse.



(It would also look super-cool worn under a blazer, or a little grey jumper with some mid-heels for the office.)

Now, I’m not going to lie through my teeth to you all and pretend that I’m ready to go out during the day with a tightless leg just yet- it is still freezing. But very soon, I’m confident that Mother Nature will come through for us Brits and bathe our gorgeous Island in some warm(ish) sunshine.

And then ladies¬†… Here comes the fun bit. Come those¬†PM hours,¬†we can upscale this baby to the next level!

Swap those plimeys for some statement shoes, throw on some fancy accessories and give a quick swipe your favourite lippy.


BOOM. Just like that: I’m a sophisticate!


I’m feeling most ladylike and uber glamorous in these pictures.

Actually, do I look … ¬†smug? .. little bit smug? I think I do.¬†Maybe that’s the power of this dress, it leaves its owner smug with confidence. That’s a good thing though, so the world will just have to suck it up whilst I saunter around, feeling like¬†some kind of¬†Parisian.

I should add that I am¬†particularly¬†chuffed to have¬†chanced upon a blow-dry the day before this too, so this will only be adding to my smugness. Normally my hair is crazy messy, so just let me have a moment of rare hair happiness. I’m not hurting anyone, I JUST FEEL ALL KINDS OF FABULOUS IN THIS DRESS!!

Ok. Enough LBD chat, I’m off to line my stomach with some choice health foods in preparation for what’s to come. I shall do some housework too, and¬†perhaps dig out the children’s Easter tree for them to decorate after school. (such tasks will help to promote my sense of inner¬†calm and balance¬†due to¬†the fact that I will no doubt be filled with Mothers guilt/angst, what with all the grown-up fun I’m about to have WITHOUT THEM!)

Oh, before I go. One more thing – I’m going to be very bold and brave and put my beloved ZmG site (AKA my 5th baby!)¬†forward for an award. *Gulps big gulps*

For those of you who don’t know, the BIB’s awards (brilliance in blogging) are a very¬†big deal within the blogging industry. So If you are a regular reader of the¬†#FridayStylefinder post, and -dare I say- enjoy it, I¬†would be honoured, touched and SHOUTY¬†excited if you would consider taking a quickie moment to follow this link through below to vote for me in the fashion and beauty category. I absolutely love talking about clothes with you guys, and am really enjoying the fact that I now have¬†a smidgen more¬†time to think about what I wear, plan outfits and try things on in actual changing rooms. (Having spent 16 years raising pre-schoolers, trust me when I say this is a refreshing feeling for me!)

Anyhow, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but a vote or two would be absolutely awesome and mega heart-warming.

In fact, you can vote for ZmG in any category, so it doesn’t just have to be Beauty & Fashion¬†… and My trusty contributor @adadcalledspen said he’d come round and do your ironing too, if that helps to oil your voting wheels?¬†(I’m going to nominate him in the best writer category in the hope that he will come round and sort out the sock basket).


Thanks for reading guys and once again, Happy flippin’ Friday!







11 comments on Friday Stylefinder: One LBD Styled Two Ways

  • Elizabeth

    I think I would feel rather smug in this dress too, especially if I looked like you wearing it! I hope you have a fantastic night out. ūüôā
    Elizabeth recently posted…Three Ingredient Smoky Bacon DipMy Profile

  • Nia Patten

    That’s such a classic. Well done you, you look fab xx

  • Yvonne

    I love both looks!! You look amazing. I would never have thought about dressing down a LBD with trainers etc. I love that look! x

  • Rhian Westbury

    What a lovely dress, it looks amazing dressed up (those shoes are amazing!) but it also looks great dressed down. I really need to invest in a statement long lasting black dress x

  • Emma

    Love that dress, it’s so fab and you have a great figure for it – 37 weeks pregnant here and very jealous of anyone with a waist! Great to see how easy it is to style in two very different ways, I’d never think to wear something like that as a casual day outfit.

  • Kat

    Love the dress it looks great on you. I have black dresses but whether they would be classed as LBD’s I’m not sure. ūüôā

  • Laura @ Dot Makes 4

    You look fab in that dress! I love both looks. I never thought of putting trainers with a dress, but it works really well ūüôā
    Laura xx
    Laura @ Dot Makes 4 recently posted…Supporting WomenMy Profile

  • Zena's Suitcase

    I think if I looked like that in that gorgeous dress I would feel pretty smug too. It’s got all kinds of feel good going on. Both great looks though
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Spring Fashion IdeasMy Profile

    • Anna (author)

      Indeed! Great minds.
      Thank you for reading, and for your comment.
      Anna x

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