Festive Party Wear With Great Plains

Now I don’t know about you, But as I approach my 37th Christmas, I’m a bit board of traditional festive party wear. I’ve worn all the little black sparkly, shimmering dresses, and the red spangled tops a girl can muster; I’ve procured more sets of matching bejewelled clutch bags and twinkling shoes than should be legal, and over the years I’ve curated a monstrous collection of faux fur collared coats … Nowadays, I just sort of crave edgier things I suppose. Perhaps this is what happens when people approach their mid-life crisis? Y’know what I mean – as we approach our 40’s we have a tendency to suddenly start wearing dungarees and Chuck Taylor high-tops (Myself included). Maybe this is just all about fashion wisdom? Maybe I’m just old enough to know what rocks my sartorial boat the most. (Dungarees).

Either way, as I set out on a Festive party-wear mission, no-one is more surprised about this highly intentional gold sequin snub than me.

Maybe there is a way to give crimbo a cheeky nod, whilst staying a little more individual? Edgy, like I said. Comfortable even? and dare I say it, warm.

Step forward Great Plains. A British boutique brand (French Connections little sister, no-less) with all the edgy, well-made and bang-on-trend fashion vibes a (fussy, 36 year old) girl could wish for this Christmas.

So whilst browsing the site for my desired festive clobber, what should I choose?

Why, a gold sequin pencil skirt of course. Damn it! (Old habits die hard).

But this one … oh this one is different.

A creamy, muted gold tone – Its lux-ey alright, but in a sweet and quietly sophisticated way.


Teamed with this OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous coat, this is winter wonderland dressing at its best, yet everything can be worn outside of Christmas. It still feels understated, yet super glamourous.

Now, whilst I would be very tempted to wear this outfit with some lovely Leopard print ankle boots, or up-scaled trainers even (I still might), on this occasion, I thought I’d bring out the red Topshop boots (one of my favourite purchases so far this season, and they look amazing with jeans by the way). Because I figure that since I’m wearing a plain jumper, I can afford to get my Mrs Clause-on in the shoe dept.

Speaking of my chosen top… No. No glitz. No sparkle. Instead – a fool-proof dressing rule which is great applied to this skirt, is the offset rule – take one thing, and bang it on with its polar opposite. In this case, a grey roll-neck wool jumper. Its lovely and comfy … and its WARM! (This skirt would also be great in the spring with a simple T-shirt using the same principle).



Product Links:

Siren Pencil Skirt (I’m wearing size 8 and it fits fine – I’m usually size 8-10)

Bergman Double Breast Coat (I’m wearing size small)

Maggie Flared Heel Red Boots

Anyway, enough about my skirt, how are you getting on with your Christmas plans? Have you sorted out your festive wardrobe yet? … what about gifts – Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I have amazed myself this year with having already done it. I’ve just got a few small nicey bits left to get, some wrapping to do and then that’s it! (Incidentally, Do check out this page for gift ideas for Women, I noticed some lovely bits on there). Do let me know your party outfit plans in the box below – Are you anti or pro sequins?? I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading, Anna x

This post is written in collaboration with Great Plains.

All photos by: @bangonstyle


8 comments on Festive Party Wear With Great Plains

  • Sharon Parry

    Now this is a seriously classy outfit and one that I would love to have! I’m in my late forties and I’m having a radical sort out of my wardrobe right now!

    • Anna (author)

      Ooh Sharon, that sounds like something I need to do. I’m thinking of taking my wardrobe right back to just a few key bits, but I’m just not sure I’m ready to be so extreme!! Reckon it would be good for the soul though 😉
      Thanks so much for reading, and for your comment. Anna x

  • Ana De- Jesus

    I thought you were a lot younger, you look good! Loving the splash of colour with the red boots and the pencil mini is gorgeous xx

  • Mim

    Oh gosh how gorgeous – I LOVE how you’ve put this together, especially with the opposites, they work so well. I’m the same, there’s only so much black and red sparkle you can do. Although those booties are adorable 🙂 I have NO idea what I’m going to wear this Christmas but you’ve inspired me to start looking! x

  • Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    I love the outfit. That skirt is just fab, and those boots! Wow! I need to start getting my Christmassy wardrobe sorted, I usually leave it til the last minute!

  • Sarah @theparentingtrials

    Wow how beautiful is that coat.. the outfit looks amazing hun. I definitely need to update my Christmas wardrobe xx

  • Anosa

    I need your secret remedy as you dont look near 40 more near 3 and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous. I am loving the entire outfit though.
    Anosa recently posted…Why I don’t DIY ~ The DangersMy Profile

  • Chloe Ciliberto

    You look incredible for 37. Would love to know your secrets. I’m 27 and don’t look nearly as fabulous. Love the gold skirt, it might be something you were trying to avoid, but it looks gorgeous! xx
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…5 WAYS TO FIND THE BALANCE AS A WORKING MUMMy Profile

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