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(Sgt. Felty) Mr. Durden, how are you today, sir?

I all right, sir.

When you consider a neighborhood, Is there something that you re looking for in that neighborhood that would pique your interest?

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Yes, sir, there are. There are several things, approaching a neighborhood from a criminal perspective, that you look for, key things. First and foremost, I look for settled homes. people who are of a socioeconomic status to be able to afford a particular type of home usually have disposable income.

Meaning from my perspective that they have jewelry or ready cash, that available to be taken.

Middle-Class homes get hit less with burglaries, just because of that. For me anyway from my perspective.

In a neighborhood, I looking for. well kept homes, yards with really nice fences. because if you can afford a ten thousand dollar fence to go around your home and.

I sure the inside of your home is very nice too. The things that will keep me from going.

into your home like that are. A lot of lar systems these days uh.

they have availability of being wireless the reason they do that is because. it easy for an individual to walk to the outside of a person home and. pull the wires out from the box that goes to the alarm system, that wired into the telephone system, cut those wires. If you cut the wires even if you do trigger the alarm system, it not going to send a message to the company. So you dont have to worry about it, but with a cellular system. That not the case, with a cellular system. It a lot more inclusive, it hard to. get the things that you need to defeat the system. It really hard to find anybody selling us a cell phone signal blocker. So you know the threat of just having someone having wireless will make me step away from the home. Let me ask you this, people.

often ask us, well what about dogs?

If I have a big dog that barks is. that a deterrent?

Sometimes it can be especially if they re extremely aggressive, Dogs can be a deterrent, but if you come to the front door.

and I knock on your front door and just just for personal knowledge people that have these beautiful. front doors that I can see all the way through their house, that I can see from the front of their house to the back of their house, I can look from side to side into their home, if their dogs barking or whatnot and their dogs running around no matter what size of dog, the dog is. going to understand that its not the alpha male of the house, so it s going to run and try and find somebody, if somebody there. So sometimes the dog can be a telltale sign to me.

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Sometimes a dog will run and run over to a room and look and run back, and I know that that person not answering the door, but there home, because the dogs not going to do that under normal circumstances, unless it a really really big dog thats really really aggressive.

I would disconnect the alarm system, sometimes there would be a dog and. sometimes I would go up to the window and put my hand out just to see what the dog would do.

If it an extremely small dog, it not a deterrent period. But a large dog that real aggressive, it going to make me think, do I really want to wrassle with this dog and have to spray him and still risk being bitten by a sprayed dog. who really mad at me?

That sometimes can be a deterrent. Let me ask you this on the same neighborhood question. Yes. There usually two things that come up, the dogs. which I think you covered well,

what about a nosy neighbor. If you going through a neighborhood, and you see someone you know looking out the window at you. or maybe they walk out their front door to look at you, is that a deterrent? Oh, most certainly. I applaud the efforts of Neighborhood Watch.

Because there have been so many times that I gone and cased a neighborhood and stayed away from that neighborhood, because it was obvious to me that there were people out walking, that they had the V.I.P program. (Volunteers in Policing) And it makes a lot of difference. It totally deter me from even go anywhere near the neighborhood. Really? Yes, sir because. I don want ever to enter into a situation where I confronted by anyone. So that the whole reason of. casing the homes. I not a home invader who would go in and tie people up. I a thief.

I not proud to say that, but that what I am. I a thief, and I don want to come in contact with anyone especially someone who can later identify me. Neighborhood Watch programs work. People may say no they don or he been told this, that, the other, but no I speaking from my heart.

I telling you that I went through Allen some some parts of Allen (TX) and saw the V.I.P program and got away from it, some parts of. Plano (TX) and got away from it, some parts of Richardson (TX). I didn go in Richardson because people in Richardson are so. aware of who doesn belong in their neighborhood. You drive down a cul-de-Sac and make a turn around people are watching you. You know. Parts of North Dallas for the same way. V.I.P program does work. Let talk more specifically now about the house. If you you go through the neighborhood, a particular house. draws your attention.

What is it about the house that you. really want to pay attention to as to whether or not that a house that you want to go in or pass by?

People need to empty their mailboxes.

People need to have their neighbors pick their older newspapers up out of lawn. Even if they not there...



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  • Vanessa Harris

    I really loved this, and read it at the perfect time! Our story is so alike…I got pregnant with my first son at 19, went on to have 3 more in my twenties…I’m 33 now and am just in the beginner stages of Tracy Anderson. Some days it feels all a bit too hard, so reading this has been so uplifting!! Thank you ❤️

    • Anna (author)

      Wow, that’s incredible that our stories are so alike!
      Hi, by the way! Thank you for commenting. I’m so glad it got to you at just the right time – TA is HARD, hard, hard work. Especially in the beginning when your are getting over the initial fitness hump.
      For me, I noticed a huge turning point at day 50. But even now, two years later, I still have days where I just don’t have it in me.
      The results from TA are like no other, so please stick with it. You wont regret it!
      Just send me a message next time you have a bad day, we can support each other! Are you on Instagram? The hashtag #TAREALTIME is full of amazingly supportive TA addicts from all over the world, offering up a huge support network – well worth tapping into if you haven’t already.
      Anna x

  • Cliona

    Love this post, I’ve been trying to exercise more and more as I’ve gotten older and a major health scare last year has made me even more conscious of health – but it’s also an amazing stress buster as you say. I feel much happier about myself when I feel healthy!

    • Anna (author)

      Hi Cliona, Thanks for your kind comment.
      Health is the easiest thing to take for granted whilst you have it on your side, you are so right.
      Here’s to looking after ourselves more – you know what they say, happy Mum, happy family!
      Anna x

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