Following on from my own post 20 SIGNS THAT YOU’RE DONE HAVING BABIES, my lovely friend thought she would counter it with her own list.

She wishes to remain nameless for this post (to save her rep and marriage!) so I will make an executive decision and christen her AnonyMiss  …


1. You stare longingly at every child under the age of 5.

2. You offer to babysit for friends’ babies, friends of friends’ babies, friends of friends of friends’ babies.

3. You refuse to throw away your big baby items and instead hide them in a big bag in the loft, hoping your husband wont find them.

4. You trawl back through old facebook photos, welling up at every baby picture you find.

5. You say to your 7-year old “will you always be mummy’s big baby and give me kisses?”

6. You secretly cherish the fact that your 5-year old still likes skin-to-skin contact, even though you know its bordering on weird.

7. You watch every single episode of ‘One born every minute’ and cry your way through each one.

8. You are hugely envious of your friends who are only just falling pregnant, despite being truly over-the-moon for them.

9. You still look in the window of Mothercare, checking out the latest baby gadgets.

10. You ask new mums what brand of pushchair they have. and make a secret mental note of it.

11. You look into your works maternity package, working out how much money you would get.

12. You ask a friend, who happens to be a child-minder, if they would hypothetically look after a baby of yours.

13. You discuss with your children how lovely a baby brother or sister would be, hoping they might ask their dad for one.

14. You spend more money than is necessary on baby clothes for friends, having spent hours browsing Next for something beautiful.

15. You still receive emails from ‘Babycenter’ and don’t even consider asking to be removed from the mailing list.

16. You tell your baby and labour stories to anyone and everyone who will listen, with a tear in your eye.

17. You wonder how feasible it would be for your newly qualified midwife friend to make it from Surrey to Kent in time to deliver your baby.

18. You think about babies every hour of every day and your heart aches to have another.

19. You mention having another to your husband every single week, even though you know he is totally done having babies.

20. You respond to a friend’s ’20 SIGNS YOU’RE DONE HAVING BABIES’ blog with this!

Which camp are you in?!

(All I can say is – For god sake Mr AnonyMiss, just put her out of her misery!)