For the past decade, I’ve been resisting the urge to buy into the new skincare ‘must have’, or ‘Zeitgeist’ addition to my already extensive, expensive and time-consuming skincare routine.

Serum – now we are supposed to buy Serum. On top of everything else.

We are all already cleansing, toning, moisturising, eye-treating, scrubbing, masquing and Argo oiling it up, right? Surely that’s enough; surely that will keep horrendous complexions and the dreaded ageing at bay?

Nope. Its not enough, ladies. Now you need to add a (often very expensive) serum into our daily mix.

Applied after cleansing, and just before moisturising, it is designed to ‘boost’ the effects of your moisturiser … But I have to admit, even as a self-confessed product junkie, I have always put this -recently new- skincare step that down to being just a big fat massive CON devised by skincare companies in a bid to get us to part with yet more of our hard earned coinage, all in a bid to chase the illusive complexion perfection.

“NO thanks” I’ve said and thought. “I’m not buying into that” I told the lady at the Clinique counter as she tried to upsell my chubby-stick purchase.


I then read a super interesting article in Porter Magazine last month, and learnt an interesting fact that I’m now keen to share. (You can thank me at the end)

According to Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh –

A face cream has, at most, 10 to 15% of active ingredients; any more and it becomes unstable” explains Dr Sebagh.

” Which is why we need serums because in a lighter, water based serum, we can use up to 95% actives”

What’s that doctor? NINETY-FIVE PERCENT active ingredients?

So a serum doesn’t just compliment my moisturiser, it actually works 80% harder?

Ok. Nuff said, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh. SOLD to the 35 year old woman who very nearly didn’t learn this crucial fact, narrowly missing Serumless decades of free-radical related skin decay. Phew.


You’re welcome, ladies.

Now someone please pass me that Serum…

Thank you for reading 🙂 What do you think? – do you already use a serum? do you have a favourite?

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