Happy Friday Girls!

So, have you heard of Pepperberry?

They are a sister company of Bravisimo and specialise in clothing for bigger busted women.

Lets face it, if you are blessed up top, then trying to find clothing to fit can be a real pain in the shapely plump arse sometimes. With gaping buttons and over taught fabric threatening to blow at any time, this can often result in needing to go up one, sometimes two or three dress sizes. Talk about #firstworldproblems.

I don’t want to go UP sizes … who does? We don’t need all that extra fabric everywhere else, Yet I have to all the time and end up feeling like most of my clothes swamp me.

Pepperberry clothes are cut to fit curves perfectly. And whether yours are size 8 ones, or size 18, Pepperberry clothes will fully accommodate and also flatter that big ol’ rack of yours!

This gorgeous forest green dress is billed as a perfect Christmas day dress on their website, and I think Its just perfect for such an occasion …

Designed to looked like a matching top and skirt, its actually a super easy all-in-one …




I really love it. With or without tights.


Size wise, you can select from 3 different options : So you choose your own dress size, and then select from curvy, really curvy, or super curvy.

(I am a D cup and wearing a size 8 curvy – it fits like a really amazing glove!)

Please check out this dress and their website here. I will defiantly be buying my seasonal core wardrobe bits from here from now on.