I’m currently trying very hard to find the precise words in which to explain the red Boden shoes in question; Trying to find language which will really help me nail my feelings towards them; to help you all understand my love for them. My deep, deep love for them. But I fear I am falling short …

To be honest. I’m even considering some fairly hefty swearing in order to convey my current shoe induced emotional state. I mean other bloggers openly swear. So it should be fine?


No. No, no. I will find the words to describe these heavenly, HEAVENLY shoes without lowering myself to the lazy sweary language. I will keep my filthy mouth closed for now. Because, I will admit, its very tempting to throw a load of passionate F’s at this post RIGHT NOW!

So lets see … how to describe these chaussures without lowering the tone?


OOOOOMPH … They are Entrancing. Exquisite. GODlike. Scrumptious. Ambrosial. Rapturous even.

When you pop them on, actual angels sing.



They are superbly made. Well balanced. And enchanting to look down on – those paradisiacal tassels!

You feelin’ me? Tassels people.


These shoes are going to be lifelong faves, I can absolutely tell. Some shoes, can just come out to play time and time again.

(Plus, these are going to be my Christmas shoes!)

I’ve been eyeing them up for a little while, but snapped them up as soon as they became half-price.

Want some?

Quuuuuuick, before they go back up to full price!