Before we begin with How to make the perfect Sloe Gin, check out this article  which includes information on how to identify Sloes and when to harvest them.

Some say that you should not pick your Sloes until after the first frost of the season, but if picking before fear not, because you can trick your berries into optimum condition with a quick 2 day stint in the freezer.

What you will need to make Sloe Gin:

700ml Gin (Just the cheap stuff will do because you’re pimping it up. I used the Sainsbury’s Basics one)

200g Caster Sugar

400g Ripe Sloe Berries (if picking before frost, defrost after 2 days in freezer)

1 clear bottle (or two smaller ones). Sterilised.

Some recipes call for a few drops of Almond Essence. Its up to you …


Well, its pretty simple really. Pop your Sloes and your sugar into your bottle. Top with cheapy gin, and give it a little shake up


Store your bottles in a dark room. Shake once a week for three months or so, then strain through muslin. Re bottle, and then bottoms up my friend!

Just in time for Christmas.

How wonderful.

See, I told you it was easy!

Have you home made your own Christmassy Sloe tipple before?