Bra Fittings, Epiphanies And a Lady Called Janice.


I feel very honored to be asked by my friend Anna to be a guest blogger for ZeitmyGeist. How did that come about? Well you know, a group of us girls were catching up, wine was involved, and as you do, we got onto boobs, breasts, bazookas…call them what you will. Anna expressed her delight at finding the Bralet (which is now on all of our shopping lists I might add), and it prompted me to divulge to the girls my recent escapades whilst out shopping. Stay with me, there is a link… and so, herein lies the story.


So I find myself in town charging about from shop to shop, mentally ticking of my ‘townlist’ in my head as I go. Then something remarkable happened, I had almost 20 mins to spare before my parking ticket ran out and I had only gone and ticked off ALL of my list feeling rather smug with myself, I then turned my thoughts to what to do with this oh so precious time. What to do?? WHAT TO DO???


I settled on ticking off the thing that has been on my ‘Whenever-I-get-some-spare –time-in-town-alone’ list (circa 2013). So a new complete set of bras was a coin’ my way! As I had House of Fraser in my eyeline, and so House of Fraser it was. I have to admit there was a reason this had been on my list for so long, I absolutely dreaded (with a capital D) buying bras. To me it had become a disappointing, and frustrating affair where time and time again I had grabbed a handful of delightful little numbers only to get in the changing room, get the girls out and have NOT ONE of them fit me!


So, time being on my side, I decided to bite the bullet and go for THE BRA FITTING! Now I feel I need to explain something here. The bras I have been wearing were all chosen by me, who I deemed to be best person to decide what size I was. Yes, I had been relying on myself after a very unsuccessful trip to M&S which rendered me in between so many blummin sizes that there was not a bra on earth that would work for my puppies! So for years I have been wearing a 34 A or B and had degree in being a bonified Bra fidgeter. You all know how it goes, pulling this down, hoiking those up, scooping these in … I know the dance well. I have various different versions of it depending which bra I had on. I divulge … so, I go in.

It was quiet, and after asking Janice the assistant if she could fit me in, I was committed! Now Janice came in once I had rung the little bell, (this isn’t her real name but you know, she suited it), she tried her best to avoid frowning at my ill fitting, no name for the colour it resembled, bra.

She measured me and declares that I am one, perhaps even TWO cup sizes bigger than I have been buying for years! I am ashamed to say that at this point I thought, what a waste of time, she clearly has not a clue about Mammary glands. But, being very British I played along. I waited patiently whilst she went to find me various bras in these new fandangled sizes, inwardly cursing that I should have picked another item off my list of precious tasks for precious time. Back comes Janice with a whole host of supportive little numbers and leaves me to get on with it.

I tried the first one on, and it only fits like a blummin glove! Then the second, and the third. Janice was only bloody spot on. It was like a epiphany, right there in the little changing room! Little old me with the rather large wangers. I was in fact so proud that I text my husband. It was important news. Needless to say that I bought them all, have worn them all, and don’t miss that wretched dance at all. And ladies, people have noticed! not about the cup size, but I am carrying myself differently, my clothes fit better, I have some good scaffolding right there in Janice’s suggestions. I have since been back and bought more, I resisted the urge to hug ‘Janice’ and I am sad to say I don’t think she recognises me.

So I guess what I am saying, is to certainly go and get yourself measured. If your don’t find your ‘Janice’ on first hit, then go elsewhere. There is a Janice out there for us all!

Anna and I would love to know how you get on and hear your stories about any other changing room epiphanies. Have you been measured for a bra recently?

Thank you for reading, Bec.


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