My New Favourite Bra. I Give You: The Bralet.


Ladies, lets talk boobs and bras for a moment, shall we?

Permission to speak frankly?


If there is one thing I hate, its a mismatched bra strap on show. Clearly I have grown to be a total fusspot on the underwear front, because once upon a time I couldn’t have cared less about a menial bra strap or two, out in the world for all to see.
Maybe the reason I’ve grown to be Chief Inspector General of bra straps is because I spend a lot of time in France, and French women DO have higher standards when it comes to their untercrackers. For one thing, they ensure that both bra and knickers are totally matching, even on a really bad day. This rule comes as standard.

Or, maybe I’m just getting old? Maybe I’ve just spent too long last week people/outfit/bra strap watching on holiday, over analysing the differences between us Brits and our fellow Europeans, the Spanish and Italians… Maybe, just maybe I’m a through and through classy bird who just cant stand by anymore to watch such crimes against underwear being committed by so many Brits abroad, and on the home front for that matter?

Whatever the reason, Its time someone speaks up. Someone brave. Someone bold, and just come right out and say it:

Here goes …

Ladies of The United Kingdom – Our general bra situation is appalling. Utterly, utterly shambolic. There. I ruddy well said it.

Seemingly, we English girlies are all very happy to go about our summertime business in ill fitting, mismatched, high back-strapped, and worse – greying to the point of blueing, bobbly, over-the-shoulder-bolder-holders. Some straps are even tinged with fake tan. And apparently, APPARENTLY those qualities don’t even matter one iota whilst wearing a sheer, spaghetti strapped cami on holiday – What?

Under a jumper? fine. But why ruin a perfectly nice top or outfit with shoddy strappage?

Just because we British aren’t so used to dressing for warmer weather, doesn’t mean its ok to overlook such detail. I mean, would you couple a crappy cushion with a beautiful sofa? a pair of old grey trainers with a pretty dress? or minging towels in a beautiful bathroom? exactly.

ladies – if our bra straps are out, then they need to be as beautiful as the top which graces them. Am I right or am I right?

So, having reached such a pinicle life conclusion, I decided to have a little bra cull of my own. If its greying – its gone. If its bobbly, its outta here. If it resembles nothing of its original colour, Dumped. If the wire was threatening to pop out and stab its wearer in the pits, then it was Au revior to the crappy bra.

Readers, my relentlessly cutthroat grading session resulted in the culling of SEVENTEEN BRA’S!!!


After that, I felt quite good. I felt quite refreshed in a lingerie kind of a way. Classy even. I felt the need to go and buy more bras as I had no more bras left.

I had great success in House of Fraser, finding one very perfect bra, and therefore buying it in every colour. That would do for now, I thought. But I still had one problem, with a holiday in the hot sun looming I knew I had be get equipped with good ‘showstraps’ and quickly. And this my friend, is what I desperately want to share with you – I’ve discovered  ‘The Bralet’

Have you tried a ‘Bralet’ before?

Ok. they don’t offer much support as such, which, as a D cup has always meant I’ve veered away from them in shops. But you know – they do offer a bit, and they let your boobs just kinda, do their own thing. Sometimes, and especially with summer tops, and in particular those around at present with extreme plunging chestlines, you don’t want a load of bra construction and engineering; you don’t want padding or moulding. You just want a kinda, natural drop going on. Less is more in the summertime, I think.

So, I procured myself this.


Its so pretty and with a pop of colour (teamed with the right top!) it looks really cute. Its nice and low at the front, and the back straps contain no plasticy clasps and hooks so its more like a crop top in nature. In other words, it doesn’t matter if any of its strappage peeps out to say hello. These straps are so pretty, that they are very welcome to peep out in fact! It feels light and comfortable too. Honestly, I think it feels like the sexiest bra I ever wore!


A bralet gives just enough hold and support for lets say, a meal out, or a lazy day hanging around. But I probably wouldn’t run up the stairs wearing it! It covers and potential nippleage too. Bonus.

Its what I’d call ‘an event bra’. Not an everyday one. But great for when the outfit calls for it.

Here are some other pretties for you to browse. If you are a D cup or under, I’d seriously recommend giving them a whirl. Click on the right arrow to see more, they are all working links so click on any you fancy seeing. My pink one from Accessorize is featured here too, just click on the arrow to scroll through … (Ps mine is size large which I think would be good for any C-D cup)


19 comments on My New Favourite Bra. I Give You: The Bralet.

  • Emma

    I have to say I agree. I have been blessed up top, let’s say, so have always had to consider my undergarments carefully.
    I use Figleaves (online) and Bravissimo. Would definitely recommend getting measured regularly, first time I moved from a 38D to a 32G – bit of a difference(!) but made the world of difference to how I looked and felt.
    Curvy Kate are brilliant bras for me and would highly recommend.

    • Anna (author)

      Thanks for the shopping tips there Emma, Its so nice to get recommendations. The next guest post will be all about the importance (and sometimes the surprise!) involved in getting yourself properly measured for a bra.

      Wow – a 38D TO A 32G! that’s a huge difference. You must have felt so much more comfortable once you were wearing the correct size. I know that I was wearing the wrong size for years too.
      Thank you so much for reading, and for your comment.
      Anna x

  • Sarah

    I agree 100%. Our bra’s choice is SO bad! And I also hate a mismatched bra strap and lets not get started on how uncomfortable most bras seem to be. I do like the sound and look of this bra though and I really love that colour too. I certainly need one of these in my life! Thanks for sharing. xx
    Sarah recently posted…Feeling very Autumnal.My Profile

  • Zoe Alicia

    I REALLY want a bralet. Sadly, I haven’t quite been blessed on top but on the plus side, I don’t have to worry too much about support etc. Your one is very pretty and elegant. I’m going to try pick up something similar x
    Zoe Alicia recently posted…Depression | What it feels like as told by gifsMy Profile

  • Tori Gabriel

    I hold my hands up, my bras are older than the pyramids! They were never pretty anyway, my underwear is purely functional. I really should get round to upgrading.
    Tori Gabriel recently posted…How the NHS sabotaged my Breastfeeding JourneyMy Profile

  • Shareen HD

    OK. Bra’s are just really expensive depending on your financial situation and right now my finances just aren’t great which means good bras are too expensive. I have 3 bra’s I like and about 4 more I don’t like. They are all from Primark I think, all not the best fit and I wish I had better bra’s.
    Also, matching bra and knickers?! It has to be a really good, planned night for the mister for this to happen. Furthermore, I think I need to have a full wardrobe cull including bra and knickers!!
    Shareen HD recently posted…Why I Love/Hate Autumn & WinterMy Profile

  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Oh I need to sort out my bra situation. So many are so uncomfortable. I think I probably need to buy more expensive ones. Not sure these offer enough support, but they do look so comfy x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…8 Photos Of HappinessMy Profile

  • Kerry

    These are very pretty bras, I wish I had small enough boobs to be able to wear them! haha! I need scaffolding >.< x
    Kerry recently posted…Halloween with AldiMy Profile

  • Amy

    Do you know what? I jolly well love it! I am going to peruse Asos immediately. I must say I’ve not considered a bralet before, shall we just say my once pert small bossom is decidedly less so lately..but I kinda like the idea of letting ‘the girls’ do there own thing 😉

    SOLD to the lady in the embarrassingly shoddy bra (with slightly bent under wiring)

    Amy recently posted…The Global Goals-The time is nowMy Profile

  • Catherine

    I absolutely bloody love bralets, but haven’t bought one yet because every time I try them on my boobs just look awful in them 🙁 I’m a D cup too, and at 24 I’m very lucky that my boobs are still very *ahem* perky. In the summer and with slinky tops and plunging dresses I just go bra-less, I just feel like I should probably make the most of being able to go for it to be honest haha! If you got it flaunt it right 😉 who cares about bras!

    C x | Lux Life
    Catherine recently posted…A Morning in St Ives, Cornwall.My Profile

  • LadyNicci

    These are so pretty. Love! Have gone through a very strange bra phase the past two years being pregnant and breast feeding. Went from being very small chested to holy jesus what ARE these things ahead of me? And then whipping out the underwear at feeding time did make you think – better at least be clean! Totally agree on the grey strappage although I have been guilty of it myself. Only under a jumper mind. Right off to cull the lingerie drawer. Himself will be delighted.
    LadyNicci recently posted…The baby’s nappy hasn’t been changed in two days: how you can help support ChildlineMy Profile

  • The L's Mum

    I really want one of these. I really struggle with buying a bra that fits properly and each shop measures me differently. Perhaps something like this is just what I need.
    The L’s Mum recently posted…7 Things I tell myself at every nursery drop offMy Profile

  • Zena's Suitcase

    It looks really pretty. I’ve taken your words to heart and will address my bra crimes immediately and hunt out the bra let for a try
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Gift Ideas For Stationery Lovers & GiveawayMy Profile

  • Ana De- Jesus

    Oh lord you just made my day its true we are appalling when it comes to underwear and sometimes I don’t even wear a bra its far more comfortable and I have plenty of underwear in my draw!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Ice QueenMy Profile

  • Sacha

    It sure is beautiful, but for big chest girls like me those type of bras can be a problem. but is a beautiful bra.
    Sacha recently posted…8 Quotes on why we need to connect with our inner childMy Profile

  • Kerry (@Ohsoamelia_blog)

    This bra looks lovely, I haven’t come across them before. Unfortunately I need padded ones as I have nothing in that region haha!!! x
    Kerry (@Ohsoamelia_blog) recently posted…LEARNING CAN BE FUN TOO!My Profile

  • Jessica

    I never worry about my bras. Because I’m fat it’s hard to get bras in my size so as long as it fits and is comfortable I don’t care what state it’s in.

  • Anna C.

    My boobs are quite big and it’s hard for me to get bras but I now go to Tezenis and you have so many gorgeous options and big sizes! It’s lingerie heaven! I’m always matching my underwear, top and bottom and outfit.
    Anna C. recently posted…Away for a week!My Profile

  • Aly

    Oh I’m sold! I HATE molded, padded and under wire bras.I’m off bra shopping next and I’ll get some matching knickers to boot.
    Aly recently posted…Frugal Family Linky – Regrowing Kitchen ScrapsMy Profile

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