This weeks Friday Stylefinder is a little different. Firstly I have made no effort with hair or make-up, sorry about that.

But this week, I’m less about the clothes; more about the health. More about what the actual clothes mean.

Because sometimes an outfit isn’t just a bunch of fabric. Sometimes an outfit is far more loaded than that. And potentially, more powerful.

Originally, I was going to do a dressy-uppy Friday Stylefinder, but you know what? I have been so under it this week, that I literally haven’t had even a second to think about pairing any fabulous clothes together. Not even for my favourite blog post!

I guess you could say that this Mummy’s style ideals have been temporarily put, within the grand scheme of things, at the bottom of a very, very long list of everything else. Isn’t that so often the way? Its all cool though. After all, there is far more to life than outfit imaginings. (although I find its usually a good place to start each morning)

So what have I been wearing? well, I’ve mostly just been rushing around in workout clothes. Pretty much everyday this week.

Because when spare time is sparse; when things get crazy busy round here with the kids and everything else; when I want to carve out a little bit of time each day for me – if I don’t dress for an impromptu workout for when the right moment presents itself, then I wont partake in an impromptu workout when the moment presents itself!

Its like the act of putting on those sweaty sweats, becomes a binding contract of intent to myself for the day ahead.

And it works. It actually works!

My outfit (in this case my workout outfit) can actually make stuff happen.

See, when time is of the essence, I’m happy to bump the notion of nailing any smidgen of style right of the old priority list, but I am NEVER happy to lose out on my exercise slot.

(In fact, if I have to sacrifice a workout too often. I get really cross)

Over the past 18 months, I have figured out one thing to be sure : If you dress like you are fit, you feel really fit, and THAT makes you want to get fit and stay fit … or fitter even.

Its like a little bit of clothing magic or something. leggings magic!

No-matter how fit you are, dressing the part is enough to take you there mentally. And often, that’s half the battle with summoning up the will to bother with any exercise, right?

Since I started doing the Tracy Anderson Method at the beginning of last year, workout clothes have become my default daily outfit setting. But its a setting which also provides a big fat slice of motivation. It means that I’m ready and raring to go for a 30 0r 60-90 minute workout in my lounge, whenever I can fit it in.

I’m telling you, If you dress like your some kind of athletetic champion, you pretty much become one! Trust me.

So the style I’m finding for you in this week – is the healthy style. (albeit done in a very quick way. Well, I don’t want to eat into that all important mat and cardio time, do I?!)

Anyway, lets crack on with some pictures …

This year I have been a monthly subscriber to Fabletics. Its simple, each month you pay £44 to receive a new workout outfit each month. You choose from a huge array of lycra comfies, sporty wear, yoga wear and just general loungey wear for anywear (sorry!)

For £44 you can usually get atleast 3 pieces (a top, a sports bra top, and bottoms)

I justify this £44 happily because I workout at home (I do THIS – a progressive, at home fitness plan by Tracy Anderson which gives you a new DVD every 10 days. I started with Metamorphosis, and am now doing the Continuity) so what I save in gym membership fees, I gain in huge amounts of cool workout apparel!

I tend to let a few months stack up then have a big blow out. I usually opt for a combination of lounge wear and yoga gear.

here is my favourite ensemble from this week:



click here for the OUTFIT above


 I tend to opt for bright and lairy …


I got some new adidas trainers this week too.


These bird of paradise print bad-boys were reduced to £39 at Schuu  – CLICK HERE  to see all of the different colour options available.

Personally, I think they’re are pretty darn cool!


do they match my outfit? not really. But clashing prints and colours is where its at right now so who cares.

And here are the matching leggings to go with the jacket (Though I would never pair them together)


And the great thing is, once you’ve got a little fitter in your fitty clothes, you can eat crap like this and totally get away with it -


                                                                                   (my pub lunch from yesterday!)

So, tell me – are you partial to dressing like a perma gym bunny too?

If not, you should definitely consider it. It gives you a spring in your step and a little fire in your belly to get moving.

Plus, I swear its a youthful, fun look which instantly takes about 5 years off you. What’s not to love about that?

Thank you for reading,

Anna x