Okay. In a word : NO, but in a way … yes!

I guess you could call me a lifestyle blogger who dabbles in clothes every Friday … a human clothes horse, if you will :)

The idea behind ZmG’s weekly Friday Stylefinder post came to me back in January of this year, I had nothing to wear and couldn’t find a jot of realistic inspiration anywhere. So, the idea of some kind of fabulous Friday style-fest popped into my head … In fact, the cheeky little Friday Stylefinder logo has been sitting in my documents file for over 6 months now, just waiting for me to action it ;waiting for me to bring it to life.


Now, Its been a very busy year with family, business and the small matter of doubling our ENTIRE HOUSE keeping my mind elsewhere, but finally I’m ready to throw myself at this little brainchild of mine and hopefully produce a weekly post that will be of great use to normal women who want normal clothes for normal occasions in normal situations. Its all going to be very normal.

(But not too normal. Normal with a dash of ‘D’naaa’!!)

Okay. So, let me take you back to the beginning of my little thought process …

Let me set the scenario : You’ve got nothing to wear, and your current wardrobe makes you feel depressed as hell every morning. You have a sweet little clothes budget burning a whole in your pocket and you want to shop, you really, really want to shop. Only you’re so bloody busy that you haven’t a damn clue what to buy or where to start. Where does one go for fashion inspiration normally? Magazines. Or at least, that’s where I used to go. But then I realised : glossy magazines are exceptionally good at producing fresh off the runway style inspiration, and I love them dearly for that – but do they really show me what I could go out and buy right now? in time for this weekend or that event that I might have next week? No, probably not. I find that the glossies show me things which are either a) not yet available to buy, b) sold-out already or c) usually cost over £1,500. And that’s not really much use to me.

And then there are fashion bloggers. I really do love fashion bloggers. They are my new real-life magazines. I do find the great fashion blogs to be so useful when it comes to proper, useable inspiration.

The reason fashion bloggers are so blimmin’ great to follow is this : Their body shapes are usually far more normal, than say, a 6ft model with no curves to her name. Bloggers still eat apparently (I know this, because they show me their food on Instagram) But this is a good thing, because you see – I am not a model, nor am I 6ft tall … plus I like to eat lots too.

Well, thank heavens for Fashion bloggers I say, because they are here to show us what these clothes really look like on real human bodies which consume food. (Albeit, usually in a far-flung destination, whilst peering whimsically at a surprise object just to the right of them …)

Please, PLEASE shoot me if I ever attempt a whimsical face during these posts… Or look at anything surprising me far off into the distance … because THERE’S NOTHING THERE!!!

(Oh, who am I kidding, I’m SO gonna do the face)

I follow Cupcakes and Cashmere for example, because not only do I like the woman who writes it, but she also conveniently has a very similar figure and shape to me, so her fashion posts are immediately applicable to me. So much so, that I actually find myself thinking of her and her style when I’m out shopping for clothes – now that’s a pretty powerful influence, right? But that’s the thing – I’m genuinely happy to be influenced by her, I want to be influenced, because she can essentially tell me how to dress, and ordinarily I don’t have the time to dream this stuff up for myself.

Until now, that is!

And here’s why …

Sadly, like Cupcakes and Cashmere, a lot of the fashion blogs I follow are American, so rarely can I actually use their posts as personal shopping guides as I would like to (I cant be doing with import taxes etc.) And whilst there are some fabulous British fashion bloggers out there, I find they are either too edgy/street for me, too Mumsy, or they are too highbrow. (And whilst I adore a lovely bit of highbrow every now and then -my life really isn’t a red carpet or corporate affair, and really doesn’t call for Jimmy Choo’s and YSL handbags every day of the week. Its a shame, but true)

So, Earlier this year ; at a time when I was struggling to find someone who could inspire me with ideas of what to wear and buy (other than just ‘jeans and a top’) and with very little spare time to shop, and to try things on, I found myself fresh out of fashion inspiration. *sad face*

But then I thought – I can source the great clothes, I can show you what these pieces look like on a normal person. And I can do this every Friday.

Woo Hooo, people!!

Writing a weekly post gives me the perfect excuse to indulge in clothes again; to truly study whats out there right now, what’s hot, what’s in fashion and more importantly : what’s actually applicable to me and my kind of life – I am a busy mum. Fact. I have 4 children each giving me the daily run around, so I need just regular clothes for regular days. Not too OTT, but not too sloppy either.

Friday Stylefinder is going to be awesome!

see how confident I am?!

Each Friday I, together with my favourite brands, will ‘Find’ a different style for you to consider. From the perfect wedding outfit, to a casual night at the pub, or a weekend away somewhere fancy and flouncy. And not forgetting those all important wardrobe staples, the stuff you and I need (and want) every single day.

I’m hoping to enlist the help of some of my friends too eventually, so that together FS can represent every body shape. I really think its going to be a lots of fun :)

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Many, many thanks for reading.

Anna x