Firstly – Happy Friday everybody! Ok. Kicking off the first of our FRIDAY STYLEFINDER posts – I am starting with a pretty crucial item – The perfect Handbag. Exactly. Or as it turns out in my case, the perfect ‘Mum’ bag …


As I already own this beauty of a bag, This post is less ‘Stylefinder’ and more ‘Stylefound

But anyway, I figured you guys might still be interested in having a goosy gander all the same …

I love, love, LOVE a good accessory me. Whether we are talking about a wicked pair of shades, or shoes which can make your heart skip a beat, accessories is probably the area where I am prepared to shell out a few more doubloons if necessary, especially on the classics that will last and last. I really do love and appreciate good quality. I think I’m becoming quite a fuss-pot actually.

So its far to say that I have amassed a fairly big collection of handbags by anyone’s standards (especially by my husbands – Yes, He actually thinks that I have something wrong with me to need so many bags)

But yesterday, well,  I found and procured one of my new all time favourites.

It’s way more lovely, and luxurious than some of my other slightly pricier stuff-holders. And I’m not sure, but judging by the really beautiful array of bags in the store, I think the Fossil might now be where my heart lies in the bag department. I would never have guessed that – fossil?

It sounds all manly, butch and outdoorsy. I would have thought that Fossil things would be all khaki canvas and brown wallets for dudes, no?

NO! Their stuff is truly BEAUTIFUL. Just click here to check their range out.

We are talking super luscious leathers and fabrics. Heavenly colours. And absolutely everything in the Fossil store oozed serious quality. Good old fashioned proper quality.

(Girls – you know when you buy something you love, and then its the first thing you think of when you wake-up and makes you feel a little flutter of excitement? yeah, well I had that this morning –  over this bag!)

So it’s my favourite colour which is what lured me in in the first place – Powder blue. Oh powder blue, how I love thee … and its paired with tan straps – my other favourite colour. It has a ton of compartments for me to fill with my essential bit and bobs (crap).

FullSizeRender (17)

And then I discovered its touch – its quite possibly the softest darn leather I ever have stroked … Like silken hide. And the smell of leather? Oh, don’t even go there. Its divine. Really it is …

FullSizeRender (16)

It fits a laptop in … Brilliant

FullSizeRender (11)

(Yes – you’re damn right I’ve got matching nails!)

FullSizeRender (15)

And when folded over, I think even the craftiest pickpocketer would struggle to slip a hand in, so great for London/busy situation use too.

FullSizeRender (13)

Skirt. White blouse. Sandals. Nail Varnish.

and … also I think I need to buy these to match the bag. (Just think that would make a great travel/airport combo)

And I love that you can wear it and hold it in different ways, depending on your mood, outfit and stuff on board …

FullSizeRender (12)

Its called the Explorer Tote and is available in lots of colours (I like white, too. Should I have bought white?)

I look forward to taking this little beaut with me on my travels and adventures this summer. Its going to be just perfect for my needs.

Oh , and in the interests of professional and semi-thorough journalism – I’ve even included a smarter outfit choice (well, as smart as this mum gets, anyway!) above, and also a dress down approach, wearing my favourite charity #Mothertee below. (Please excuse the mucky converse – I have Liverpool street tube station to thank for those unsightly black stains that wont come off!)

FullSizeRender (14)

Tee. Converse.

So there you have it – My perfect bag. I am definitely going to be needing this tote in black AND brown, you know, to take me through the seasons.


Do you have an all time favourite bag?