Dearest Readers, I’m thrilled. I’m excited. And I’m dead chuffed to announce that Zeit my Geist has only gone and bagged a male contributor  – A man I tell thee!

And not just any chap either – We are talking about an award winning writer and Dad blogger. A man whom I’ve followed on Twitter for years for his 140 characters of Dadding genius; a man who possesses such wit, humour and blunt honesty, that he even manages to make me LOL all over the place in a measly early morning email BC (before coffee).

Sorry self. I know I promised never, ever to use that ghastly LOL phrase … (for me that term is right up there with ‘Yummy Mummy’ and ‘Hubby’ you see) but for this gent, I fear it may well be the first of many public LOL declarations.

Anyway, did I mention, he’s a MAN?

No, in all seriousness, (and with all potentially deemed sexism aside) this is fabulous news for ZmG. And will serve as bringing the site one step-closer to that unisex magazine style that we are working towards. I think its going to be really great to have another voice around the place, too. Other than just me, that is. Banging on about cutlery and hormones.

So I am going to hand you over to Spencer to introduce himself to you all below (for those amongst you who don’t already know him, of course. Of which there may be a couple of you). You can expect monthly @adadcalledspen treats on the first day of every month thereafter, and I for one cant wait to read 🙂

It really is an honour and a privilege to have him here.

So without further ado … Meet Spencer –



Anna coaxed me back into the blogging saddle using a combination of techniques, one of which was devised by torturers in Guantanemo Bay, the other was simply asking me nicely if I wouldn’t mind contributing to her blog, but it was an easy decision to make as I enjoy writing and, quite frankly, there’s a lot of utter crap out there. Plus I happen to think Anna’s blog is pretty bloody good. I’ve written for others, did the Dads round up for both Love All Blogs and Britmums, but never done something like this, so I’m rather excited and chuffed to bits to be asked. Friends and loved ones also suggested I get back to writing shizzle. They saw me ranting into pot plants and talking about Life to the cats as a bad sign and felt that I should channel my feelings in a more creative way before it’s too late.

So, in advance of some actual content, here are 10 things you may or may not know about me – @adadcalledspen

1. I love cheese. I bloody love cheese.
2. I’m a father of two: a boy aged 6 and a girl aged 5; and a stepfather of two girls, aged 9 and 7. I’m very lucky to have such lovely people in my life. Except when they argue, when I’m often found rocking in a corner, sobbing.
3. I don’t like Carry On movies, The Royle Family, and Red Dwarf and neither does my partner, which means we’re sorted.
4. I stopped my blog in 2014 when I’d exposed my soul, and at times my arse, over three difficult years, from being a stay at home dad, through divorce, depression, readjustment, to being a full time carer for my mother. I’ve had stuff published in books, been invited to speak at conferences, and won the Britmums Writer award in 2013. I wrote from my heart and sometimes from my liver, but I stopped at a point when I felt I’d said all I could. Clearly I was wrong. Clearly I still have things to say but whether they are good things or just nonsense bleated into the ether is something we will find out in time.
5. I hate moths. Big dusty flying creatures of doom.
6. Mmmmmmm. Cheese.
7. I can’t swim and I can’t be arsed to learn. Some may find this attitude defeatist but I think I’ve got too many holes in me to be able to float.

8. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara is my favourite song of all time.

9. I’ve never seen The Goonies or Dirty Dancing, or had a Nandos, cheeky or otherwise.

10. I’m punctual. Punctuality is a much underrated virtue.

I’m honoured to be asked to contribute to ZeitMyGeist and hope you enjoy what’s to come. Please share if you do, comment if you do, or don’t, and most of all, thanks for reading.