My new business cards arrived this morning ahead of my two day blogging conference Britmums in London next week. And I must say – I really rather love the design.

Aside from a few apostrophe related headaches (naturally I’ve chosen a tricky statement with a grammatical grey area: Life’s Style – the apostrophe could go in one of two places and though my layout is technically correct, you just know it will raise the odd eyebrow from the grammar police!)  I really like the design – I think they look nice and clean and simple. The way I like things.

So, why am I going to a bloggers conference?

Well, I love writing for this blog just as much as I enjoy the graphic designy/techy elements involved in producing a magazine style website.

However, currently speaking – my actual technical knowledge has begun to feel limited: it doesn’t quite match the end vision and expectations I have developed in my minds-eye for this site. And, since I’m a complete control freak and like to do everything myself,  I’m working on popping a few new creative tricks up my sleeve in order to achieve this aesthetical editorial superstyle I speak of :)

This is actually. just one of the main reasons I have for dropping everything at home (Including the school PTA summer fair – SHAME on me!) and attending such a blogging soiree – major networking is another factor too, and very essential when working online, as is taking a nice big fat slice of blogging inspiration away with me.

There is lots on the agenda: including workshops, inspirational talks and informal chats with some seriously saavy bloggers and published writers already making a killing on the web, together with brand networking of course – It should be lots of fun and super inspiring.

and … if it’s rubbish?

well,  all is not lost as I’ve heard there is wine there too. MUCH wine!

You see, It really is time for me to ramp things up on this here Blog page. For in September of this year, I’m taking it Pro. PRO, people! And I cant wait to get cracking.

Currently, annoyingly -I have to turn down so much paid work and advertising opportunities as I simply can’t focus on meeting deadlines at present. I really just want to use my limited spare time nailing the sites design and voice first. I want to first spend some time developing its fashion and food content amongst lots of other things to really set its own ZmG tone. But, I’m nearly ready- I’m very nearly there.

As of September, I plan to dedicate 3/4 full days to it, as well as finding the time to write lots more for The Huffington Post, and the other parenting site in which I contribute to The Mumington Post.

I am very, VERY excited.

(If a little impatient!)

And I have a feeling that attending this two day extravaganza will only serve to wet my appetite even more.

In the mean time lovely readers: please do bare with me. My posting is a little sporadic at present but will shortly change – You will soon be able to bet your bottom dollar on thrice weekly ramblings from yours truly, and I can finally start to hit that ideas notebook of mine hard!

so, I’m going to drink to that -

Here is to Hittin’ it hard people. Whatever you want to do at life: work hard at it, and it will undoubtedly happen for you.

I am 100% sure of that.

and finally …

A point worth aiming for in life (and one that I constantly have to remind myself of)


Like my Husband always says to me: ‘How do you eat an Elephant? a little bit a time.’

P.S I got my business cards from Moo. And I really recommend their service.