Well Easter, you took your time!

Finally – Its time to chill.


Lovely, relaxing, chatty, foodie, book and magazine reading, late-night movie watching, wine on a week night, snooze-button hitting bliss.

I am seriously looking forward to spending some quality time with my family for a couple of weeks – My husband and I are both super fortunate enough to be able to take some time out with the children, and that really couldn’t be more welcomed in this house – It feels like its been a really busy and long drawn out start to the year … Is it me or does Christmas seem like a lifetime ago?

But, we made it. Gone are the dark evenings and (fingers crossed)  bitterly cold temperatures. We are on the home straight to Summer now folks and I for one will raise a glass to that.

So, whatever you are doing – Whether you are lucky enough to have a longer break, or just the long weekend – I hope that your Easter is a fabulous one.

I will be back to blog my little socks off in two weeks, so until then – Enjoy x

(And remember, don’t eat too much chocolate!)

(And 6am – I’m not going to lie… I won’t miss you AT ALL but I do hope to catch-up with you in a couple of weeks feeling a little more charged and ready to enjoy you in all of your glory!)

Pictured is our very own spring chicken, Bumblebee. And no – she is NOT for dinner!