Lets just get one thing straight, shall we? – I ADORE loafers.

I was wearing these bad-boys from Zara just the other day, when my naughty husband labelled them as ‘Old lady shoes’. Cheeky so-and-so!

FullSizeRender (6)

He thinks you can only get away with them if you either drawing your pension or have a yacht moored in St Tropez … Whilst I kind of know where he is coming from, I still like them. And vow to buy some more (just to annoy him, I think!) Here are a few of my favourites. 76729_ms fat face Fat Face Tan soft leather moccasin with bow 

Tods LoaferTods White ‘driving shoe’ loafer (investment/splurge) … (Oh but just imagine them : On holiday in the Mediterranean – Sitting by the waters edge in a chic café; enjoying an amazing brunch with your gorgeous tan!)

micheal cors loafer Michael Kors Light tan 

asos loafer

Asos Black loafer by New Look.

Yacht or no Yacht. I love them!