I am 34 years old, yet I still apply the same make-up, in the same way that I did when I was 24. (Clearly I’ve been too busy having babies to really notice the entire DECADE slip by!)

Since then, so much has changed – make-up has come such a long way and fashions have obviously moved on. Not to mention that my face has grown 10 years older too, so I really feel like it’s time to get with it and give my daily routine and make-up bag a little shake up!

Therefore, this marks the first instalment of an exciting new series of blog posts here on ZmG all about Make-up – What to buy, how to apply it, and how to work with what you’ve got. With a little help from my Make-up artist friend from Mac, and my lovely friends who have volunteered their faces – We can start to look at different techniques and products used – I think it’s going to be SO much fun!

So, why not grab a cuppa or, as is fully advised at my house – A glass of wine and let’s get our vanity on, shall we? …

First off, I think a little bit of information about me is important here. I will keep it snappy though, so that we can move straight on to the important bits.

If I don’t know you personally, let me first just say hi and thanks so much for stopping by.

If I do know you, then you will know that last year I discovered the Tracy Anderson Method and have since been an avid and loyal partaker in the TA method ever since (I’m so sorry to everyone that already knows this – I do like to bang-on about it! – Those of my fellow TAMers around the world will understand fully though; It’s not just a workout :It’s an obsession and a way of life) Any who… my point being that most days I can either be found in a) a pre-work out state (in workout gear, no make-up and ready for action) or b) in a sweaty post-workout state (still no make-up, a little redder, just waiting for that shower that realistically doesn’t happen until bedtime)

Hence, my everyday Make-up is becoming more and more, err, sparse.

Working from home also allows me horrendous levels of daily image sloppiness, and that combined with being trussed up like an Eskimo over winter underneath hats, scarfs and massive coats have meant that lately, even when I go out; little actual effort needs to be made under all that anyway.

I really want to start being a little more glamorous, you know – every day glam; easy to do Glam. Of course I know there is more to life than just what we slap on our faces, but after over a decade of having babies, I’m ready to spend some time focusing on myself again. For more than minus 30 seconds that is. I think I’ve earned it, frankly!

So, to start the series I wanted to share a couple of AMAZING new products that I bought yesterday to kick-start my new regime.

This is not a how2 post like the others will be, this is more just a quick look at how a couple of carefully chosen up-dates to your make-up bag can make all the difference for when we girls feel the need for a little change of season boost.

Now, before I purchased anything new for my make-up bag, In order to bring myself up to speed, I watched a few YouTube tutorials which I highly recommend by the fabulous Pixiwoo.com – an amazing pair of Make-up artists who produce fantastic tutorials on YouTube. They also do a fab range of affordable Make-up brushes – Definitely worth checking them out.

I then popped into the make-up department at House of Fraser for a little mooch around, hoping that a kind sales assistant would take pity on me and show me her wares.

I was in luck (mind you, I had ‘I’m here to spend’ written all over me) and I was soon swept up by the lovely consultant at YSL.

And, as it happens, I actually came away with two new firm all-time favourites – a foundation and a gorgeous lipstick (I did get some other bits too but they haven’t blown me away as much)

One thing I would say is that it really does pay to take some time-out to go and have a look at what’s new in a cosmetics department. And it makes all the difference if you buy things which have first been professionally colour matched – something which should never be underestimated when making a make-up investment.

(Apologies for using my IPhone to take the selfies. I promise that next time I will set up my proper camera!)

Here is me before, without any make-up on (scary stuff!)

FullSizeRender (2)

and after I’ve applied my fancy new products …


I think its a nice subtle, everyday look.

Now then, I have to say that having tried literally tons of Foundations over the years (despite not wearing it as much these days, I have always been a bit of a make-up and product hoarder/ junkie)

But, yesterday I think I may have stumbled upon my all-time favourite.

We all know how awesome YSL Touché Éclat is …Yes?

Well, imagine how dreamy its foundation counterpart is!


 Yves Saint Lauren LE TEINT Touché Éclat foundation. illuminating dimensional radiance. Weightless perfection. 30ml. £34

It is beautiful: It gives amazing coverage (great for my rosy pink cheeks) and it leaves your skin looking really fresh, luminous and dewy (which personally, I prefer to a matt finish)

Also, In addition I was convinced to try using a foundation brush to apply (I previously just used my fingers) and again, there is no looking back for me now – Using a brush to apply your foundation is not only a thoroughly satisfying job (much like painting a wall) but the end result is so much better. It just ends up looking far more floorless. More professional. Seriously, if you haven’t dabbled in the foundation brush – Do.

I also wanted to buy a new lipstick – I’m bored of lip-gloss and nude colours and felt the urge for a bolder everyday colour …

So there at the golden Yves Saint Laurent counter, displayed in front of a picture of Cara Delevingne (of her looking simply divine no-less) sat a collection of these tiny objects of desire!… ‘Rouge Volupte Shine’ lipsticks are quite simply magic and come in varying punchy, pretty shades.

FullSizeRender (3)

The range provides a high-gloss finish which glides on like a creamy gloss, but gives full colour coverage like a lipstick (which tints the lips too … meaning that your pout won’t disappear by lunchtime) and by way of a bonus – it tastes like a watermelon! A very nice product, and just look how glam the packaging is (so it will even look great in my handbag!)

I tried a few colours on and settled on this one – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine (Number 6. Pink In Devotion) luscious texture high gloss finish. £24

I would never have chosen this pink colour just by looking at it, proving once more that trying a colour out first is key – The colour of your own lips/complexion etc. will alter any lipstick once applied, so a quick few minutes spent trying it first is crucial to coming away happy, with a product you will actually enjoy using. Allow the sales assistant to help and suggest colours for you too – They know their stuff and they see these products on different people every day. So pick their brains and don’t rush it … New make-up is a fabulous treat and the process should be thoroughly enjoyed!

So am I alone here? does anyone else feel the need for a little image ‘overhaul’?

FullSizeRender (1)