20 Signs That You Are a True LEO


I am a Leo. My eldest Son is a Leo, and I know lots of other Leos.

And I am yet to come across another fellow Leonian (That’s an actual word, by the way) who doesn’t share and exhibit at least some of these traits below … (incidentally, if you exhibit all of them, then my sympathies are with your nearest and dearest.)

what do you think? can you tick any of these traits off of the list?


  1. You are fiercely loyal to your friends and family – God help anyone who even hints at criticising those deemed important to you. If someone hurts, harms or wrongs a person dear to you, you will hunt said persecutor down and you will F*** THEM UP. (Joking-not-joking)
  2. You possess the finest of conversational skills, which are ever-so handy during an argument, because you can (and regularly do) pretty much wrap anyone up in your own special kind of unrelenting language straight-jacket. leaving your victim speechless, lifeless, stunned and utterly lost for words. “What’s that? something left to say?” … “No. I didn’t think so”. 🙂
  3. Leos are hugely positive characters. Your glass will always be half-full. Or brimming. Or flowing over the edges with positive outlooks, solutions and answers.
  4. A Leo will call a spade a spade. There is no mincing of words. No bullshit. And sometimes, this can be to the detriment of peoples’ feelings … You have to apologise a lot, don’t you Leonian?!
  5. Leos can at times be very possessive in nature, and like to claim territory. (But without the scent marking). (Although some might do that). (But not this one). (Just sayin’).
  6. Leos are visionary’s. You can dream big, and so -as long as the fragile ego isn’t harmed too much in the process- then a Leo can usually attain what they set out to do. Even the crazy stuff.
  7. Speaking of fragile ego’s. A good lesson for every Leo to learn as early as possible in life is this: Don’t have a fragile ego. Because fragile egos are about as handy as chocolate Teapots…. don’t take yourself too seriously, fellow Leo. Yes you’re the king of the jungle, but get down off your high-horse, get your head out of your own arse, and chill. Then get back to be awesome. Ok?
  8. Leos are born copers. You can cope-the-arse off of anything.
  9. You can be a little impatient. Ideally, a Leo would like you to have that thing done by yesterday *cocks head and burns eyes into you* “Will that be ok?”.
  10. Leos have the biggest hearts and love hard. Which means we can feel huge amounts of empathy and recognise poignancy when we see it. (Look. YES I’ve got tears in my eyes, but that Tesco advert was really sad. ok.)
  11. Considered by astrologists as ‘Eternal Children’ a Leo will like to play and mess about. The odd practical joke wont go a miss, either. (Sorry about that incident with the recycling bin the other day, H!).
  12. Leos love the sound of their own voice, but only because they have such amazing nuggets of wisdom to share. The Philosophical insight that flows from a Leo should, by rights, command a ticket price, really.
  13. Second best will NEVER be ok for a Leo.
  14. Standards must always be kept high for a Leo. No slacking. No excuses. No if’s. No but’s. Perhaps intolerance can rise its ugly head from time to time; perhaps intolerance might keep a Leo awake at night. WHY CANT PEOPLE JUST DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO IN A PROPER F***ING FASHION?? … Yeah. They might wonder about stuff like that.
  15. A Leo will often be very broad-minded. So if you want to marry your pet fish and move to Utah to start up your own Organic Candle Company, then that’s fine with us.
  16. We strongly believe, in the depths of our soul, that every day is party day. It doesn’t matter what you might have achieved today, it will more than likely be cause for celebration in the eyes of a Leo. So whether you passed your driving test, or opened a pint of milk – Champagne?
  17. Ok. We can be prone to laziness … this is perhaps because we like to think that someone else (i.e. actual slaves) should be doing all those bloody boring and annoying jobs. *claps hands in the air for coffee*
  18. Leos are very generous, and will gladly spend weeks and months planning birthday gifts for loved ones, arranging surprises and silly gestures – Money is no object for a Leo, and even a skint Leo will happily blow their last penny on a good friend and thouroughly enjoy the process.
  19. A Leo is usually full of energy and random spontaneity. “Who fancy’s driving to the coast for a swim in the filthy sea, followed by a quick visit to see the gorillas at London Zoo with Hot Toddies and pickles on the way?”
  20. LEO’S ARE BRILLIANT. Some are wild. Some are quite tame. but generally speaking, all Leos are total legends! (even if I do say so myself) … Did I mention confidence?


Recognise anything there? Maybe you know a Leo, or Live with one – does your Leo display any of the above?

We would love to hear your comments and feedback in the box below. Many thanks for reading 🙂

One comment on 20 Signs That You Are a True LEO

  • Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Aww, this is SO true. One of my best friends is a LEO and this post really describes her… Well mostly. She’s such a good person to be around, she’s so positive and full of energy (most of the time). I really wish I had her confidence, too! Ahh, I really need to meet up with her, I haven’t seen her for ages, your post has inspired me.
    I really enjoyed this post. xx

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