10 Health Benefits of drinking Goats milk


I was recently asked to try some Goats milk products from St Helens Farm and frankly, I was so impressed by the taste of everything that they sent over, that I wanted to find out and share with you some of the health benefits of going Goat.

I am always interested in learning about improving our health through the food that we eat and was therefore well overdue a little lesson in Goats products.

When you consider that goats milk is biologically closer to human milk than that of cows, and that its completely safe and nutritionally sound to give to your children in place of cows milk too, Its little wonder sales of Goat products are on the up. I’m telling you, goat is where it’s at!

I should also add, that I snuck some St Helens farm Goat milk into my children’s breakfast cereal this morning and awaited the ‘Muuuuuuummmmmmm, what’s this?’

and …I waited … and waited. And nothing. Not a dicky bird. They didn’t notice the difference at all.

And when my particularly fussy palated young man tried a yoghurt, he claimed – and I’m not exaggerating here – that it was “hands down” the nicest yoghurt he had ever eaten. Apparently he found it nicer that “those nice creamy ones that they served at breakfast at the Sheraton Hotel in Tenerife when I was 8.” … well there you go. High praise indeed. Because the Sheraton yoghurts happened 4 years ago!

10 Health Benefits of Switching From Cows Milk to Goats Milk.

1. Goats milk contains less all allergenic proteins than cows milk.

Research indicates that peoples’ intolerance of cows’ milk is often due to the proteins called Aplha-S1-casein. Goats’ milk has less of this protein than most cows’ milk

2. Contains easily digestible Fats and Proteins.

3. Goats milk is lower in Lactose.

4. Goats milk contains plenty of calcium. In fact, 3 glasses will provide over 100% of an adults daily calcium requirements.

5. Goats milk is naturally lower in cholesterol that cows milk.

6. Goats milk is blood pressure friendly.

7. One (200ml) serving of goats’ milk delivers over one quarter (180mg) of your Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) of phosphorus (which helps build strong bones and teeth and to release energy from food), and meets your daily iodine needs (which helps keep our thyroid and metabolic rate healthy) and provides 340mg (17% NRV) of potassium, involved in maintaining a healthy blood pressure by helping to blunt the effects of sodium.

8. A good source of key vitamins including vitamin B5 and biotin.

9. Goats’ milk has more oligosaccharides than cows’ milk, with an amount similar to human milk. These act as prebiotics in the gut and may help to maintain the health of the digestive tract.

10. Simply put – It tastes extremely delicious. And contrary to popular belief, its not at all ‘goaty’! Trying really is believing.

For more information, stockists and a browse through a generally wonderful and interesting website please take a look St Helens Farm.

St Helens farm is stocked in many major supermarkets so do be sure to look out for it in the diary isle, pop a carton in your trolley and give it a whirl.


Also, Id like to say a big fat thank you to St Helens farm for a wonderful hamper. I will absolutely be buying your milk and cheeses from now on. And I will be sure to keep my son in those yoghurts that taste better than the ones from the Sheraton from when he was 8.

Many thanks for reading.

Have you ever tried Goats milk?

Photo credit of cute goat: Dollar Photo club.