1 Scientific Fact You Didn’t Know About Face Serum

For the past decade, I’ve been resisting the urge to buy into the new skincare ‘must have’, or ‘Zeitgeist’ addition to my already extensive, expensive and time-consuming skincare routine.

Serum – now we are supposed to buy Serum. On top of everything else.

We are all already cleansing, toning, moisturising, eye-treating, scrubbing, masquing and Argo oiling it up, right? Surely that’s enough; surely that will keep horrendous complexions and the dreaded ageing at bay?

Nope. Its not enough, ladies. Now you need to add a (often very expensive) serum into our daily mix.

Applied after cleansing, and just before moisturising, it is designed to ‘boost’ the effects of your moisturiser … But I have to admit, even as a self-confessed product junkie, I have always put this -recently new- skincare step that down to being just a big fat massive CON devised by skincare companies in a bid to get us to part with yet more of our hard earned coinage, all in a bid to chase the illusive complexion perfection.

“NO thanks” I’ve said and thought. “I’m not buying into that” I told the lady at the Clinique counter as she tried to upsell my chubby-stick purchase.


I then read a super interesting article in Porter Magazine last month, and learnt an interesting fact that I’m now keen to share. (You can thank me at the end)

According to Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh –

A face cream has, at most, 10 to 15% of active ingredients; any more and it becomes unstable” explains Dr Sebagh.

” Which is why we need serums because in a lighter, water based serum, we can use up to 95% actives”

What’s that doctor? NINETY-FIVE PERCENT active ingredients?

So a serum doesn’t just compliment my moisturiser, it actually works 80% harder?

Ok. Nuff said, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh. SOLD to the 35 year old woman who very nearly didn’t learn this crucial fact, narrowly missing Serumless decades of free-radical related skin decay. Phew.


You’re welcome, ladies.

Now someone please pass me that Serum…

Thank you for reading 🙂 What do you think? – do you already use a serum? do you have a favourite?

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10 comments on 1 Scientific Fact You Didn’t Know About Face Serum

  • Laura - dear bear and beany

    I don’t use Serum and am rubbish with a daily routine since having children. There is only enough time to throw on some cover up and foundation, then hope for the best x

  • Dean of Little Steps

    Like Laura, I don’t use Serum either. I actually only use moisturiser. I really should considering my age (I’m way older than you). Making mental note to take care of my skin more thanks to you 🙂 x
    Dean of Little Steps recently posted…What Gymnastics has taught my daughterMy Profile

  • Rhian Westbury

    Wow i’m definitely going to be using my serums more now I’ve read this. I can’t believe how much harder they work! x

  • Gemma Nuttall

    I’ve never used a serum. I’ve recently started using Olay’s BB cream which has a bit of foundation in it as i don’t have time for much with the kids. It gives a nice, natural glow and covers up some of my bags under my eyes! 😉
    I’m off to have a look at some wonder serum now….it needs investigating further. And if it prevents me looking like an old witch before my time then happy days!

  • Eliana

    I admire your commitment Anna to take so much good care of your skin! I heard about serum before but I must admit that water to wash my face and Olay is the most I can do now for my face skin! Haha (don’t be horrified) at least I think I got good genetics from my mum so ageing is still not an issue.. All the best at the MAD awards! X


  • Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I did used to use face serum… and all other things, then once I had the kids I’m lucky if I remember to shower properly before collapsing into bed in an exhausted heap. I MUST sort my shit out really!
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Holiday during school time, worthy of a fine?My Profile

  • Ellen

    I am starting to really get into skincare after suffering with terrible cystic acne through my pregnancy. I am clearly not up to date though because I only ever heard of hair serum haha.. now to add face serum to my list of must haves!

  • Chloe

    I am so terrible, I use nothing! Literally only cleanser to take off my makeup. I really ought to use more products, moisturisers and serums. Especially as I’m definitely getting older. x

  • Rachel

    I use serum at night, before bed. It’s on my bedside table, takes less than a minute to do and yet I still don’t do it every day. And yet, that is still my most regular skincare activity. Oh well.

  • Ana De- Jesus

    8,000 people crikey that is amazing you should be so pleased with yourself. Even if you did not win you beat so many people to get shortlisted!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…House of Fraser S/S 2016 Campaign: Part IMy Profile

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